Exclusive Interview: Blockcast.cc Speaks to INT “An Ecosystem of the Internet of Things”


1) For a start, can you give a brief introduction of yourself and the team? Where are you based right now?

Hello everyone, my name is FIONA, and I am currently responsible for the marketing of INT. The INT team gathers top technical talents, all of which come from the earliest batch of domestic Internet of Things development experts, communication backbone network systems and equipment developers. They have deep R&D experience in the Internet of Things, sensors, signal transmission, security system design, blockchain, Bitcoin bottom layer, Ethereum bottom layer, automated transactions, machine learning, big data and other technical fields. We have offices in multiple locations around the world, including Singapore, China, Germany, etc.


2) What is INT all about? What are you trying to solve?

INT is the world’s first bottom-up next-generation Internet of Things (BoT) communication standard and basic application platform. We aim to easily integrate with any Internet of Things protocol and drive the development and progress of the blockchain Internet of Things through the token economy. At the same time, INT is also an intelligent ecological public chain based on smart contracts, which can carry various types of Dapps from all walks of life, including Defi applications in the financial field, and NFT applications in the field of art games. We have the features of high efficiency, security, stability, intelligence, decentralization, and high scalability.


3) As part of BSN, what insights do you get compared to others who are not part of this network?

BSN is a cooperative organization initiated by China National Information Center, China UnionPay, China Mobile and other large enterprises to achieve the development of blockchain service network. BSN network can support systems around cross-platform, through a set of blockchain environment protocols to connect the cloud resources and data centers belonging to all parties and composed of public infrastructure.

BSN qualified developers, first of all, this represents a positive, official, and Chinese large-scale enterprise’s certification of the technology and development of the project. As the underlying public chain of the Internet of Things, INT has its responsibility in the entire BSN system to promote and deploy blockchain application technology more quickly to all Chinese Internet of Things enterprises. There are also corresponding rights. For example, many companies in the BSN system are more convenient to develop into good partnerships, and more quickly get official information and advocate the development of the defence line, etc.


4) What are some of our application solutions and use cases?

INT’s solutions cover the following areas: Internet of Things, Smart Home, Smart City, Supply Chain Finance, Supply Chain Management, 5G, Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability, Charity and Public Welfare, Internet of Vehicles OBD devices, NFT, Decentralized Finance, etc.

Hardware products we already have include: blockchain router, driving assistance OBD device

Cases include:
Information traceability: the smart site project with Hubei Industrial Construction Group
Data storage class: video storage project with local government prisons
Data traceability: smart education project with regional elementary school


5) Can you tell u more about Tendermint?

The original IPBFT consensus of INT4.0 is improved based on PBFT (Practical Byzantine Algorithm)
What improved:
Linear communication: IPBFT achieves linear worst-case communication volume, which is contracted to O(n4) of PBFT
Random leader selection: In each round of IPBFT, the leader is selected through a viable random function (VRF), which can effectively prevent the leader from being attacked by predictable

Therefore, IPBFT is a faster, more attractive scalability and safer consensus protocol, which has obvious advantages in execution efficiency and on-chain governance.


6) Who are your partners? Are there any upcoming MOUs that you can share with us?

We have some very famous partners in the industry, such as Telecom – we made blockchain routers together with ZTE, Huawei, etc., these are our partners in the hardware field. Our partners in blockchain include IOST, SlowMist Technology, Chainlink, and Hash Technology, which are a technically strong independent development team, and they are our development partners for INT 4.0. In addition, we are also communicating with infrastructure projects such as Oracle Machine, Data Service, Cross-chain Bridge, DEX, NFT, etc.. we will announce a partnership soon after the mainnet 4.0 is launched.


7) INT mainnet 4.0 to be launched on August 18th. Tell us more about this, please.

That is an amazing and lucky time for us. Actually, the development and testing of INT mainnet 4.0 have been completed a long time ago. It will be launched on August 18th 18:18 (UTC+8). We have an extra surprise, (we believe you will all enjoy!) ), and have a celebration on Twitter as well. Now we are also running a mapping bonus event, in which participating can get an extra 0.5% bonus. You can check it on our official Twitter.


8) At which phase are you at now on your roadmap?

In our long-term planning roadmap, INT has reached the stage of the Olympus gods-that is, the stage of ecological construction. In the short term, our plan is to launch the first DEX application before October, start the first NFT application in November, and launch the INT Grant plan to incubate more applications. At present, DEX is ready to launch and we will launch it after the mainnet 4.0 is launched. The design of the prototype of NFT, Freddy, has also been completed, and the preparation of INT Grant is almost finished.


9) What are your future plans for revenue streams?

INT’s future revenue consists of multiple parts: 1. INT’s hardware sales revenue; 2. INT provide IoT technical services for companies; 3. Making quality DAPP to get income through the application platform.


10) Please share an inspiring quote for our community members.

“Build a wide ecology of IoT chain with intelligence”-is the slogan of INT 4.0, and we believe that INT can do it. We also believe that everyone here can “create your own wealth with wisdom and precision”! thank you all!