Exclusive Interview with Art Can Die “Your access to a decentralized world of Art”

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1) Welcome to Asia Blockchain Community! Art Can Die DAO, such a creative name, can you tell us about your team and experience in the cryptocurrency market?

We are 3 co-founders bridging art and technology:

Gaël Boven and Jean-Marc Goossens, international lawyers specialized in Blockchain and Crypto, as well as founders of 4Blockchainers, a social network for people active in Blockchain Technology.

And finally, Wayn Traub, an acclaimed artist specializing in modern art, cinema and performing arts.

2) Tell us more about Art Can Die, please.

Art Can Die was born with the vision of saving exceptional art. By supporting artists with exceptional projects, we prevent art from being forgotten and, therefore, from disappearing.

Ahead of its time, Art Can Die uses innovative technologies based on blockchain as a solution to concerns affecting the art market: lack of transparency, accessibility, liquidity, etc.

We then created a digital currency, the crypto $DIE, giving artists, art consumers and crypto users access to a decentralized world of art that is fair, profitable and secure.

3) Art Can DIE DAO is born to help artists get efficient financing without losing their creative autonomy, can you tell us how you are accomplishing this?

Art Can Die offers artists, art consumers and crypto users an efficient way to participate in the creation, financing, and promotion of exceptional art projects.

Therefore, thanks to our platform and decentralized financing, artists can devote all of their time to creating art. And, in return, investors and art consumers get the chance to take part in the development of artworks.

4) Care to run through the marketing activities for the month of Dec/ Jan?

DIE team has an exciting schedule for the next weeks, most to be unveiled at the right time.

We can already announce the launch in January of “The New Ark”, an interactive art installation, which will be the centrepiece of DIE art, along with “Director Jacq”, one of the most secretive and mysterious artists we ever met, who seems to live in a spaceship somewhere in the universe. In addition, Art Can Die is co-producing “Everest Recycling” with famous French Director Jean-Michel Jorda, a TV documentary tackling the environmental issues on the famous mountain and its valleys.

We invite you to discover all of the ongoing exceptional art projects on our website (https://www.artcandie.com/art-projects). You can also view the next big implementations on the roadmap in “DIE Whitepaper” and “DIE Pitch Deck”.

5) Marisa Papen, I am amazed you are bringing in such a thought-provoking artist, can you tell us what you will be working on with her? I also see that you will be funding a TV show “Noir”, what are the plans with this and how will it help build your community, or bring more recognition?

We consider Marisa Papen a real artist in the full sense of that word: a renewal force with a clear and honest vision daring to challenge the status quo. She will create some very pointed and provocative performances with us bringing activism in beauty.

The TV show “Noir” will place artistic cinema back in the spotlight with the goal to stream on TV and social media. We believe that this series will be a game-changer.

6) How does your product and technology roadmap looks like?

We have a big year ahead:

We are currently in Presale offering $DIE at $0.2, followed by a public sale in January with $DIE at $0.4.

2022 will see the implementation of our DAO, the listing on DEXs and CEXs and the development of DIE metaverse.

7) Where will be your core revenue driver and cash flow for the project?

Firstly, cash flow will be generated by the sales of 35% of DIE tokens total supply, allocating us $2,35 million; a part of this raising funds will be usefully invested (mostly Defi) and produce notable returns.

Secondly, Art Can Die has the sole (eg. New Ark) or partial (eg. Phannapast artwork) property of all the exceptional art projects. This will generate a revenue stream from either royalties or performing rights, as well as the lease and sales of the art projects, physically and also digital in the form of NFTs.

Thirdly, Art Can Die has reserved a strategic allocation of its total supply consisting of a considerable amount of tokens to be sold for prosperous partnerships (eg. with famous artists, investors, and ventures) as well as an adequate amount of tokens forming DIE reserve (selling tokens from DIE reserve at specific periods, in light of its increased value, will generate important revenue).

Lastly, the increasing value of DIE Coin with time will allow the project to weigh more and more accordingly, resulting in a circle of virtues that will constantly optimise all the sources of revenue and cash flow mentioned above.

8) What is your listing plans like for your project?

$DIE token will initially be listed on Pancakeswap-type decentralized exchanges (DEXs) during the first quarter of 2022, with more specific dates to be announced towards the end of the ICO. Information regarding listings on centralized exchanges (CEXs) will be notified afterwards.

9) Art Can Die DAO will do its utmost efforts to increase the exposure of its art community to the metaverse, can you tell our listeners how you will do this?

To start with, Art Can Die is strengthening its core team and expanding its structure to the Metaverse throughout time. In this regard, we just welcomed international
Artificial Intelligence and economics expert Badr Boussabat in DIE core. Furthermore, we are constantly looking for efficient partnerships to design and create our Metaverse.

On the basis of this strong foundation and future collaboration, the first steps of the implementation of DIE Metaverse will be Web3, development of AI and solid work to make $DIE a universal medium of payment in the Art world (this will help in time when Metaverse will be operational).

An important part of our marketing (posts, educational content, appealing experiences, free events,…) will foster DIE community’s adoption in relation to the concept of Metaverse and its utility in terms of democratization of the art world. This will positively influence the desire of DIE community to connect and share digitally, resulting in an acceleration of the emergence of DIE Metaverse.

10) Share an inspiring quote to our members, please.

“Art is the one thing that transcends time and space.”