Exclusive Interview with David Jung, CMO of Biconomy “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”


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Blockcast.cc: Good evening everyone. A brand new year has just started. Friends in the blockchain world were all talking about what is coming next for the industry in 2020. We are all excited. 1 January is always a special one, we started the interview series with our South Korean friend, David Jung from Biconomy. Hi David, it’s good to catch you during this festive period. How are things?

David: Hi Joann, it is good to hear from you and it’s my honor to be the first interview for a brand new year. Happy new year!

Blockcast.cc: Happy new year too. Can you tell us more about Biconomy?

David: Sure. Biconomy is a new cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange with a global view, founded in August 2019. The word ”Biconomy” stands for the combination of blockchain and economy.

We are headquartered in Canada with offices in South Korea, Japan, Russia and UK. Our team is dedicated to provide professional and secured trading experience to cryptocurrency participants all over the world and currently we already have nearly 100,000 registered users.

Blockcast.cc: Biconomy is very international and very committed looking at the company structure.

David: Yes we are. Biconomy is committed to opening a new era of the digital economy by serving blockchain projects with customized one-stop additional services from listing to liquidity.

Blockcast.cc: David, a more personal question. How did you get into the crypto/ blockchain scene? 

David: Blockchain has been lingering in the shadows around my life over the last decade. I was made aware of Bitcoin in early 2012 as several of my friends were proponents at the time. I remember asking them at one point, “Where can I buy a Bitcoin? Do they sell them on eBay or online?” The idea was still beyond me at that time and the concept did not seem to me to be one that would gain traction. Whoops. I would have easily passed up on the idea of Twitter as well, but look where we are today.

Blockcast.cc: 2012 is very early. Some of our early investors have similar experiences as you. Nevertheless, you guys have the foresight early. What do you like about the blockchain market?

David: Having started within the blockchain sector in early 2017 I was able to see the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency scene. Overall, this industry still compels me to dive deeper into the work I am doing. I love that it is 24/7 and global. I love the opportunities I have been given to travel and speak while building the companies I am working for. In line with what I have enjoyed so much to date, I have recently joined Biconomy exchange, and I could not be more excited to support and grow a company with such a strong vision and legacy.

Blockcast.cc: Why did you join this company? Why a crypto exchange?

David: I think that in the technology application of blockchain, the financial industry will be first popularized and transformed according to my judgment on the technology and market. The exchange is the core of the financial industry, although it is difficult, but I would like to seize the core business. So I chose the exchange business. The track of the exchange has always been very crowded. As time went by, there have been several round of cycles.

Blockcast.cc: Well, we saw exchanges come and go for the last 2 years. Now that the regulators are stepping up the game, what is your view on that?

David: Recently, the exchange’s compliance trend will become more obvious. Except providing good exchange services and the choice of quality assets, we gradually begin to pay attention to the investment to the compliance. The current pain points of the exchange field, including security, technical performance, product experience, asset selection, global 24*7 customer service operations and etc.

Our exchange is actually very useful on the technology, market operations, and products. Among many exchanges, first of all, our product experience, asset selection, our service are particularly good and we have the advantage of compliance. It also attracted those digital asset traders to trust us more.

The other core competitiveness of Biconomy is our highly capable team in searching and serving projects with superior quality and great confidence about the prospect of the blockchain industry. 90% of our core management team have the master’s degree. 50% have overseas working and study experience. We are a global, comprehensive trading platform created by investment banking and Internet elites.

Blockcast.cc: What is your vision for the company?

David: Today, we have the full end to end solutions for businesses wanting to raise capital via blockchain technology and individuals wanting to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. We deliver the technology to enable both projects and individual and institutional investors to benefit from the technology such as improved efficiency, transparency, and a much improved method for raising capital and trading crypto asset.

Blockcast.cc: What are your views in general for the crypto and blockchain market?

David: Tokenization of classical industries, the digitization of assets, certainly causes demand for cryptocurrency, simply because it is more convenient to deal with it than with classical money. Although, right now we are selling tokens for dollars, but this is only for the attractiveness of investors who need dollars. Because to bring a Bitcoin and sell for x dollars and buy some shares of Coca Cola is very simple. Similarly, sell these
shares and withdraw dollars, or buy Bitcoins for dollars and send them to the wallet. The growth of digitization assets will cause a natural increase in the price of

Blockcast.cc: We are reaching the end of the interview. Can you share an inspiring quote to share with the audience

David: Certainly.

“Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing“

Blockcast.cc: Thanks David for the insights. We love your perspectives on the market and can’t agree more with you. 

David: Before I go, I would also like to take the chance to inform you that we will be conducting our first initial exchange offering with Gaimin.io in January 2020. This is an exciting project to kick start our IEO journey. For more information on our IEO, watch out for our announcements.

Blockcast.cc: Thanks again David. I hope to catch up with you again. 

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