Exclusive Interview with HL, Alphachain CEO- “Blockchain will be as common as the internet in 5-10 years time.”

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Blockcast.cc: Good day HL, good to see you in Singapore. My name is Melody Chan and it is my pleasure to meet you this morning.

HL: The pleasure is mine and thankful to meet you this early.

Blockcast.cc: Can you tell us more about yourself.

HL: Sure. I am the CEO and Founder of Alphachain. We provide accounting, corporate secretarial, compliance, tax and audit solutions to the fintech and blockchain industry.

Aside from Alphachain, I also represent a company that is passionate about assisting the blockchain community to try to abide by the different regulatory bodies in Singapore. I have been in this space for about a year and have met many an enthusiast who is fully dedicated to the technology of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Many enthusiasts come to Singapore for the ease of promoting their events in which they try to raise funds or at least promote their existing projects. Some will attend just to be part of this nascent piece of technology in which everyone is talking about. In the space of one year, many blockchain applications have appeared to be pushing to the frontline, examples of which are regtech, medtech, insurtech and other applications such as identity security and authentication, tracking IOT systems, P2P payment systems, music ownerships, paperless supply chain management and real estate tokenisation.

Blockcast.cc: You have mentioned about community building, how was this formed? Can you share with us some trends you observed in the blockchain industry?

HL: Well, together with a few other like-minded friends, we have also created some chat groups where we share the latest trends in blockchain and upcoming events in the region. It has been said that blockchain is highly unacceptable due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency prices which can vary greatly from day to day and also due to the inflated volume and prices that appear to be happening in many crypto exchanges. This being said, the technology has its firm uses from the day Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the first white paper on blockchain in 2008. Some have compared the present state of blockchain to the start of the internet era in the 1980s and 1990s. It is hopeful that blockchain usage can become as common as the internet in the years to come. One word of hope from me though, is that as long as the blockchain technology is not viewable to the users, it may work better with them. A similar comparision can be like this – everyone uses email and web browers and play online games without really knowing what TCP/IP is all about.

Blockcast.cc: I like your passion. Maybe in a short sentence, tell us how you see blockchain will evolve into in the near future?

HL: It can be anyone’s guess what blockchain decentralisation will evolved into, but many experts have predicted that some centralised control will still be around for a while, while decentralisation finds its own way to perhaps prove to be a better way for blockchain uses.

Blockcast.cc: We totally agree with you on your views HL. How about sharing an inspiring quote for our readers?

HL: Sure, why not.

“Blockchain will be as common as the internet in 5 – 10 years time.”

Blockcast.cc: Thank you so much HL. Again, I am happy to see you face to face finally. We will be publishing this interview tomorrow 9 August 2019. I will also take this opportunity to wish Happy Birthday to Singapore!