Exclusive Interview with Jimi Henderson CEO & CMO of MetaGin “Just one sip and it will take you to the Metaverse with us!”


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1) Hello Team MetaGin, first thank you for coming to our group today to tell us about your project. Can you tell everyone listening today about your team, and experience in the cryptocurrency field?

Thank you for inviting us and for giving us this opportunity to explain our project. We are an international team of over 20 people located all over the world, including but not limited to Italy, China, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, the Philippines and Spain.

The contract was developed by an external developer and n.2 audits have been done up to now. The staff is highly skilled and has long experience in the world of crypto and blockchain, both as investors and creators. Our team is mainly composed of engineers, but we also have some members of the staff with relevant experience in digital marketing, financial planning, sales and export management. As you can see, we all come from different backgrounds and we believe this is one of the key points that make MetaGin a complete, professional and long term project.

2) Reading your whitepaper I saw that you will have three different versions of MetaGin, can you tell us about them?

MetaGin is made of 3 key parts:
1. create our own made Gin that will be sold all over the world (real-world project);
2. create our own e-commerce 2k22 platform where you can also pay with the MetaGin token (digital project);
3. Create and establish the first Bar and Gin in the Metaverse (virtual project).
We will also develop our swap, our staking and our wallet. In short, we have many projects in mind and we will do this thanks to our investors.
Furthermore, for those MetaGin holders who hold more than 15,000 tokens, they will receive rewards in BNB

3) Can you explain to the people who are listening today about the Barman function you have built into your project? Also, tell us your tokenomics structure, please.

The barman function consists in being able to have economic availability within one of our wallets that will feed at every buy and every sell and this will help us to make big buybacks and/ or to carry out expensive marketing operations such as listings on important exchanges or influencers famous who will help to make our project known. The tokens that will be purchased from the wallet will be partially burned, instead, they will be used for sponsors who request tokens.


PRIVATE SALE = 25,875%
PUBLIC SALE = 23,625%
AIRDROP = 2.5%
BURN = 5% (1% every week)

We have the wallet owner locked, the wallet for staking locked and the wallet for exchanges locked

4) Please tell us where you plan on launching in the Metaverse and where you are looking at placing it in the metaverse?

We have decided to launch into the next year as we want to make sure that the world of the metaverse will be real, and we will choose the one that will give us the most confidence. As for now, in fact, we have decided to put it on the roadmap as a middle long term goal, but we may also anticipate the time if we notice that the development and adoption of the metaverse will be more concrete in the near future. We are currently moving towards Sandbox

5) What are your marketing plans like?

We are running a very targeted marketing campaign. we have already signed long term contracts with MadJoe and Crypto Hunters, we are making several youtube videos (already over 15) we are trending on Twitter with our #MetaGin, the ads on Poocoin will start, we have already done several AMAs on many groups and we will do some still others, we have very important influencer lists that we will start step by step, we are planning important listings, we are writing articles on important forums and above all, we are in contact with the best bartenders in the world. in short, we are moving on a large scale and around the world

6) You have found a supplier already for your MetaGin, as well as bars to sell your gin to. Can I know where they are located primarily? What kind of sales volume should be expected?

Yes, we already found the gin suppliers and we are about to produce the first thousand bottles, of which some will be limited editions accessible only by purchasing our NFTs.
The production is made in Italy in a well-known factory, and we already have some agreements with several discos and bars. At the same time, all MetaGin bottles will be available on our eCommerce with big discounts. We expect big sales numbers right from the start and we are confident to make progress within rapid timeframes.

7) You have plans to list with a big exchange in the future, can you tell us who you are looking into listing with for your project?

Yes, we intend to list in large exchanges and we already have contacts. initially obviously CG and CMC. After we will aim for BigONE, Bitmart, Huobi, Kucoin, Gate.io then we hope for Binance and Crypto.com 😊

8) I noted that you have plans in the future to work on an NFT collection, will there be any special use case involved with them, or are they more for a collecting perspective?

Yes, our NFTs owners will have access to special limited edition bottles of Gin (very unique) that will be released from time to time. At the same time, our NFTs will also become an important tool for the next steps of our project, as we will connect them with the Bar we’ll open in the Metaverse

9) Since most of our members are in Asia, what plans do you have in Asia? How can we be part of your gin business?

Thank you for raising such an interesting point. Since the beginning we have been working on developing the brand MetaGin at a worldwide level, trying to reach as many countries as possible in order to enlarge our communities and increase the awareness of the project.

Asia is certainly one of our main target markets not only for what concerns the MetaGin token itself but also for the promotion and sales of MetaGin drinks. Particularly since the start of the private sale, we have been receiving a lot of appreciation through our Asian channels and communities (China, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and so on) and many of our investors are not only interested to buy the token, but also to learn more about the MetaGin drink. We have been invited to do AMA in some Asian communities to explain more about our project and the interest around MetaGin (token and drink) dramatically increased. At the same time, we are in close contact with some important investors from Asia who are willing to invest some amount in the token. Last but not least, our CEO is based in China and the structure of the company (core business: production and distribution of Gin drink) will be focused on exporting and the Asian markets will certainly be on our top priority list.

To conclude and to answer your question, we are confident that cooperation with ABC can help to boost our project and to “spread the word MetaGin” among the Asian communities. Of course, we hope that many people will follow the AMA to learn more about MetaGin and its future development.

10) Thank you again for taking the time with us today, we truly appreciate it. Can you leave us with a quote for our listeners to remember you by?

Sure, what we’ve learnt after so many years working together is to be fearless and to think outside the box. We aim to define our own success and build something unique that can make other people happy because, as once Steve Jobs said: “everything around you that you call life, was made up by people that were not smarter than you”.


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