Exclusive Interview with Nicole Anderson “Fortune favours the brave”

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Blockcast.cc: Hi Nicole, not sure if you remember Linfinity Forum in London last year. You were a key note speaker at the event. Our Europe partner was present at the event to report on it. Back then we just started the idea of having multiple reporters in different regions. Blockcast.cc was not formed then.

Anyway, nice to be able to get you on our interview segment today. My name is Joann, Editor of Blockcast.cc.

Nicole: Thank you for having me. My name is Nicole Anderson, co-founder and Managing Partner of the Redsand Group, HQ-ed in London. I am passionate about challenging the status quo and providing greater inclusion for wealth creation, access to finance and preservation of our natural & human resources.

Blockcast.cc: Can you let us know more about Redsand and what are your focus?

Nicole: Blockchain and crypto technology is the mainstay of the Redsand portfolio, which fulfils mandates by providing cutting edge opportunities for corporate visionaries and professional investors.

Redsand Labs is a venture builder focused on tokenised economic business models blending technology and financial market capability helping businesses reinvent via complex innovation mandates.

Blockcast.cc: That is great to know. We also agree that innovation is the key for the new tokenized economy. So, what is your take on the blockchain and cryptocurrency market?

Nicole: Blockchain when deployed with bravery and enthusiasm gives you licence to change the game. The crypto assets world evolves everyday and makes it really exciting!

But institutions and investors must first understand what is this new asset class and the technology behind it.

Redsand group offers an algo buying desk for institutional investors and a portfolio investment service in crypto

Blockcast.cc: The digital assets world is moving very fast and exciting. We see the trends very well in South Korea where most recently, gaming related portfolio has caught on another hype. The core coins are also doing better this week.

Before we end this interview, can I ask you for an inspiring quote for our readers.

Nicole: Most certainly.

Risk is so integral to living. Without risking and trying something new – however small – each day, you deny yourself the infinite opportunity that life has in store for you. It is no wonder they say ‘fortune favours the brave’.

Blockcast.cc: Great minds think alike. Thanks for your time Nicole.