Exclusive Interview with Ninja Doge “Mobile Game, NFT Collection, Animated Series & more”


1) Welcome to our dojo :> Please tell us more about yourself, your founders and your team.

Thank you for having us. The core team consists of 2 co-founders Sensei and Dubs who are both from Silicon Valley, California and we are good friends in person. Another key member is Jman, one of the head admins from Satoshi Street Bet. He has been instrumental in getting us connected with the right people along with spearheading the mobile game development. We also have a team of developers, mods, shillers and designers. Sensei and Bubs have been in the crypto space since 2018 and BSC space for about 3 months. Outside of crypto, we have 5+ years of enterprise Tech experience in Marketing & Sales.

2) What is Ninja Doge?

Ninja Doge is a multi-use case token. A Mobile game available on ios & android with 50% of game revenue used to buy back $NINJADOGE and burned. Limited edition unique NFTs with special attributes. Charity donations to local non-profit animal organizations.

3) What are your tokenomics and how different is it from the rest?

Our core tokenomics is as follows:

17% Total Tax:
Doge Rewards 5%
Liquidity 5%
Burn 2%
Team 2%
Marketing 2%
Charity 1%

We are currently running a special promotion where we have increased our rewards and decreased liquidity as follows:

Doge Rewards 5% -> 8%
Liquidity 5% -> 2%

The reasoning behind this is our liquidity pool is at a strong place (30% of mcap) and we wish to reward our holders with even more $DOGE.

Our Tokenomics is unique as only diamond hand-holders are rewarded with $DOGE every 3 days. Anyone who sells/transfers $NINJADOGE during a reward cycle is disqualified from that reward pool. This creates buying and selling pressure.

4) Ninja Doge is the first charity token on the Binance Smart Chain Network that rewards holders with $DOGE and give back to local non-profit animal organizations through donations. How do you feel being the first? Are there any advantages?

It’s an honor to be first. As we are also crypto investors we are constantly looking for ways to innovate in the BSC space whether that is through our tokenomics, donations or marketing tactics.

The key advantage of being first is that it has brought tremendous positive interest in our token from many different investors. Therefore this has been very helpful in the launch of our token. Fast forward to today, our token has a strong foundation of investors, this is partially due to our tokenomics that promotes long term growth and scarcity. But of course, you can not forget about our strong use case with the Mobile Game, NFT collection, Animated Storyline and the trusted Ninjadoge Team!

5) Which phase are you at now on your roadmap? What is next?

We are currently on the “Growth” phase of our roadmap. We’ve had a successful launch and consolidation before our huge lift off. Our main focus now is developing the mobile game and setting up a massive marketing campaign for its release. In between, we are also working hard on keeping the community and investors informed/updated on our progress, working on our NFTs, animated storyline, shilling, and more.

6) What celebrity endorsements are you looking at for your marketing plan? What is the use of having celebrities for your project?

We have several types of celebrity/influencers that we are looking for in the markets of charity, $DOGE and gaming. This includes influencers such as Matt Wallace (doge influencer) and other thought leaders in the doge space. We are best aligned with cross-promotions within the Doge space since we offer Doge Rewards. For gaming, it would be huge to work with Ninja, as we share two common interests with a similar name and a mobile game. However, this would be far reach therefore we are still open to other celebrities in the gaming space.

The benefit of celebrities is that they bring their audience to our project. As trusted leaders in their industries, having celebrity backing can further boost our investors in the gaming/doge/charity space.

7) What are your revenue streams now and also in the near future?

Currently, our revenue stream comes from a 2% tokenomics tax which funds marketing & development.

By the end of the month, we will be adding Mobile Game Revenue via In-app purchases and our first NFT collection sale! This is our focus for the month of August, we will add more to our revenue stream in the near future.

8) Are there any technology innovations or usage we should look out for?

As mentioned earlier we will have our first NFT sale later this month! Our NFTs will be in the form of collectable digital cards, based on characters in the Ninja Doge world. Each card will have a different rarity. Our rarest cards will offer the NFT owner a special attribute to further benefit them from being a Ninja Doge holder. Exact details on this are still a secret but we are so excited for our NFT release as we believe it will create a massive demand and hype for the Ninjadoge token and brand.

Furthermore, we will be taking 50% of the revenue from the mobile game revenue to buy back into our chart and then burning the tokens. Think of this as our very own Ninja Doge Kraken which further increases our market cap and token scarcity.

9) The crypto market is all hyped up and ready to embrace another bull run. What are your views on this?

Our view is this is a strong positive for Ninja Doge. A bull run would result in a massive flow of money into the crypto space. This can result in more investors in the space and further help us reach one of our major milestones of a 50 million market cap. Additionally, a bull run can bring in the attention of new investors. We have plans to attract a broad audience outside of the BSC space through our mobile game and NFTs. Therefore a bull run would just further help us achieve our goals.

10) We like to end this segment with an inspiring quote by you. Please share.

We’ve launched since July 24th, 17 days later we are still here working hard every day. We’ve built a strong community, active team, and are working on big deliverables such as a mobile game. We have every intention of making this a successful long term project.

This is just the beginning, when we deliver on our promises of the Mobile game, NFTs, charity – many of our holders will be very happy and potentially change their lives. We are funnelling much of our marketing funds for the massive marketing campaign for game release in the coming weeks.

I’ve said it many times to my community and I’ll say it to you: We are currently hovering around $750k Market Cap for the past 6 days. It’s consolidating nicely with a high liquidity ratio. It doesn’t matter if we go down 200k or even pump to 2-3mil market cap. We are blowing way past this. 50mil market cap is definitely achievable and possibly higher. We are so excited for what’s to come in the coming weeks – I hope you will join us on our journey.