In Conversation with BeFull Community Founder, Vincent Cheung: Witnessing Millions of Supporters & Rejecting Millions of Dollars


 3,036 total views,  1 views today is being invited to Shenzhen to witness BeFull Community final meet up stop in China. Before coming, we were told that Shenzhen is the most important stop for this community project. Shenzhen is their base and home town for many of their supporters. We catch hold of Vincent Cheung, Founder of BeFull Community for a quick chat after the event. Hi Vincent, thanks for the invitation to your Shenzhen event. My name is Min, China Correspondent for

Vincent: Thank you for coming to Shenzhen from Chengdu to cover our event. Please also pardon me of my Chinese ascent, if you do not understand me please let me know.

Blockcast: Do not worry about it. I will try my best to hear you out. You have over 1.75 million supporting you. Are you happy with the outcome of this event?

Vincent: Yes I am very happy with the outcome. First of all, I was only expecting 100 people for the event but it turned out to be a full house. I would like to thanks my team who worked very hard. Secondly, I am surprised by the number of viewers online looking at our streaming. We only did a couple of announcements in our WeChat groups, urging them to see our presentation. I am delighted to see the support from my community. Are there other surprises during this event?

Vincent: There are quite a few but the most surprising one is an investment company dragged me into a room. Cornered me to ask if they can invest into our community. I am very surprised that such a big investment company takes interest in my humble project. Looks like you had an interesting afternoon. Did the deal went through?

Vincent: I am very honoured that they flew down from Beijing to meet me and presented me with an agreement but I have rejected their offer. What is their offer and why did you turn it down?

Vincent: I cannot share with you their monetary amount that they tables to me. Millions of dollars I would say. The amount is not a small sum and it is more than enough for us to operate the community like a five stars club. The reason why I turned it down is because they want 60 percent of our holding company in Singapore and have majority seats on my board when it forms. The deal breakers is the 60 percent. My team and I worked very hard and at this early stage, we do not need that much money and give away more than 50 percent of our equity. What we have worked so hard for is reserved for my team mates and supporters. This must be a very tough decision. Do you mind sharing with us the investment company name? I believe our readers want to know more insights.

Vincent: I cannot reveal their company name. All I can say it that they have invested into leading mobile phone hardware, F & B chains and more. This is not a tough decision. When it comes to money, I do believe that there are many ways we can get it. I need my supporters to know that

I have made this decision not for myself. It is for all of us at BeFull community! Well said indeed. Care to tell us more about your initial exchange offering (IEO)?

Vincent: Our first IEO will be on the 5th April 2019 in South Korea. We will launch our token sale at I believe in EOS and decentralized exchanges. Hope to support it using my own ways. There will be three waves at EOSDAQ- 5,6,7 April 2019. Each wave gives out specific quota. We have purposely did it this way to allow more of my supporters to buy them. We will not be looking at a huge amount raised for our first IEO. All we want is to benefit our supporters before heading out to the bigger markets. Thanks for your time Vincent. We are proud to be your official media partner and let’s catch up with my Korea correspondent next week again.

BeFull Community is starting their IEO process on the 5th. If you want more information, go to or They will also be visiting South Korea again and have their second meet up on the 7th of April 2019. More announcements will be made in South Korea. is the official media partner for BeFull Community.