Interview with BeFull Community’s Investment Director, Edison Ni “Blockchain community is the key to the blockchain’s success.”

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Loading We have Edison here with us today. Can you give an introduction of yourself please?

Edison: Hi Ydn, thank you for interviewing me this afternoon. My name is Edison Ni and I am based in Shenzhen currently. I represent BeFull Community as the Investment Director. Can you share about your education and career background?

Edison: I studied in Australia for five years and after returning to China, I am involved in private fund placement, equity investment, mergers and acquisitions and other financial related services. I managed a fund of RMB 1 billion, and have successfully completed RMB 3.5 billion of deal as their Head of Financial Markets Department in Greater China. What is your opinion on the currency market in 2019?

Edison: That’s a good question. Is it possible for me to say this in Chinese instead? Chinese is fine. I am bilingual. We want you to express the correct meanings behind your thoughts. We will write this down in Chinese.

Edison: Thanks. 经历了18年的熊市,市场回归冷静,投资者投资的标的不再是以利益放在主导位置,而是专向价值投资,寻找有意义,有落地的项目。整体市场环境处于储备力量阶段。不那么火热,不代表不火热。 今年你们在投资领域的佈局如何?中国股市年后火热的现象对币圈有啥影响么?

Edison: 若是传统市场主要围绕加重股权以及二级市场这两个板块。因为很多很好的公司都在18年的洗礼之后,估值的泡沫被挤掉,回归理性基本线。股市现象火热其实变相的对币市场会有影响,排除价值投资信仰者外,趁着风起,便随风而去。 你们团队来自不同国家,沟通上有没有影响?

Edison: 沟通上是不存在问题的。毕竟有着同样的理念与信仰去完成一件共同认同的事情。而且我们分工明确,各司其职,不会有上下级之分。 对币扶 (BeFull) 的展望?

Edison: 对BeFull展望,重心不会放在19年。这一年是我们整体团队把基础打扎实与和市场互相协调的一个时间段。我们希望的是将BeFull打造成为一个区块链的综合体,链接上所有的在区块链内的共识体,共同的打造一个区块链金融生态。 Any last words of a quote for our users?

Edison: Since day one of blockchain, many of my friends invested their time and money on mainnet, protocols, utility tokens, exchanges but many neglected community building. I must say this:

”Blockchain community is the key to the blockchain’s success.” 谢谢。We look forward to see how BeFull Community can fullfil this. Have a good day ahead. BeFull is blessed to have a talent and bilingual person like you in the team.

Edison: Hope you like Shenzhen and thanks for travelling all the way here for this interview. Thanks Ydn.