Interview with John Ting Li CEO League of Traders ‘The Upcoming Crypto Viral App with 800M USD Trading Volume”

“We don’t get to choose how we start in this life. Real “greatness” is what you do with the hand you’re dealt.”

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The exclusive interview segment speaks to selected blockchain leaders, experts and practitioners weekly. This round, Jenny Zheng interviews John Ting Li, the Co-Founder and CEO of League of Traders, a visionary trading expert and crypto insider in global market, about his views on trading, market, blockchain technology and more. Enjoy this segment 🙂 Today we have John Ting Li, the Co-Founder and CEO of League of Traders with us. League of Traders is a digital asset management platform that provides real-time investment information, account management based on transparent data, automated trading and communities of active traders.

Hi John, tell us more about yourself. What you have done before LOT, your education background, hobbies and anything you can share.

John: Hello Blockcast readers and thank you for the opportunity of this interview. I am John Ting Li, the Co-Founder and CEO of League of Traders. My background is quite peculiar since I grew up in Sweden but my parents are from Hong Kong, China (although I have never lived there.) I have been jumping around to quite many countries for my education, from Osaka University to National Taiwan University and spend some time in London School of Economics too. But ultimately, I did my masters in Sweden, Royal Institute of Technology.

I enjoy skiing and playing board games with my friends. I believe in “enjoy the little things in life”, so one of my favourite moment is getting home tired from work, order a pizza and enjoy a nice movie with it. Aha, no wonder you speak so many languages! Can you tell us more about LOT? What excites you most in LOT?

John: League of Traders is a social trading platform for digital assets, similar to eToro, where normal users can automatically copy-trade high earners from crypto exchanges. Users can for example in real-time see when other traders trade, how much they trade, what they trade and their profit rates.

For example: imagine you are bad at trading stocks, but the app allows you to automatically follow-trade professional traders.

What really excites me about the app is that our users can keep their current exchanges when they are using our app. We are not taking custody to any assets. League of Traders simply displays and summarizes your existing portfolio in a clean and stylish manner.  I also downloaded your app, I found its very easy to use. That’s quite convenient to the users, and it can also give value to exchanges by activating their trading activity.  How has the reception of League of Traders been so far?

John: We are quite young and has been around for only 4 months, Generating a lot of great attention from both users and business partners. The trading volume from our users was nearly 800M USD during January.

Right now, we have 8 exchanges connected to us: Bitmex, Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, Bithumb, Upbit, OKEx and FTX.

Many users have told us that once you start using the app it becomes addictive and very hard to not open it at least a couple of times per day. Just tap open the app with one click, and you’ll have an overview of all your assets and market in one screen, so convenient! Compared to if you had to login to each exchange with password and 2FA etc.

One can be a passive user and just keep track of one’s own portfolio and see how other traders are doing. Or one can be more active and be competitive with the others or partake in discussions happening inside the app.  800M USD a month that’s quite impressive! I didnt know that you guys got so many functions there, I’ll surely explore more on LOT app. Back to yourself, we understand that you are from Sweden, now working in Korea. How is life in Korea? Have you fully customised yourself to the new country?

John: Korea is the polar opposite of Sweden. The pace is fast, everything is convenient and people take service for granted here. Sweden is calm, slow-paced, peaceful and everyone is equal. In Sweden, even though let’s say I work in McDonald’s I can still be friend with someone who is a high positioned doctor. (I don’t have anything against McDonald, I love it!) Or you see a bunch of dads in supermarkets with baby strollers while the mom is working. Housedads! And that is not something you see often here where the society is much more “tier” based.

However, random facts aside, I do think that there are much more opportunities here in Korea, that’s why I ended up here. And I love the food home delivery! (Don’t take that for granted readers, it is actually not available everywhere!)

Learning Korean is really tough, its completely different grammar system compared to the languages I know. Even though I have Swedish, English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish in my toolbox, it doesn’t help at all.  Haha, I totally agree with you. Korea is still a land of opportunities, I like it here a lot too. I think you are very gifted on languages, bet you can pick up the Korean language very fast. Back to our next question, you have seen ups and downs in the crypto market. What is your happiest and saddest moment?

John: The crypto winter 2018/2019 for me was both good and bad. The bad was obviously “the winter” itself. But the good from it was it enabled us to see which projects were really here because they believe in the technology and which were here to make a quick buck. Ture, the “winter” kind of washed out the unqualified projects, and the new comers are more proffessional. The blockchain and crypto market is actually changing to the better. What do you think about the future of this industry?

John: I might be getting a lot of dislikes from this comment now haha.

I believe in blockchain. But do I believe that it can be applied to everything? No. Do I think BTC will go up in price? Definitely yes. But do I believe that cryptocurrency is widely accepted? Not in the near future, unfortunately.

Amidst all that has been happening in this scene the recent years, it is still a very young industry in the grand scheme of things. However, all the innovations around it is really an eye-opening experience and I am happy to be able to ride this wave. I am sure that in time, blockchain will be something that the world can no longer ignore. Haha~ and we need more good projects and entrepreneurs like LOT and yourself who’s doing the real work and pushing the industry forward. Now comes to our last question, share with us an inspiring quote for our readers. Eg “I believe in blockchain, it can change the world.”

John: “We don’t get to choose how we start in this life. Real “greatness” is what you do with the hand you’re dealt.” – Victor Sullivan

Can the readers guess where it is from? Let me Google…haha I will not tell here. Is there anything you want to share with our readers here? Tell us anything.

John: If you have read until the end of this interview, kudos to you!

I would like to tell Blockcast’s readers that don’t be afraid to try it out League of Trader’s for fun. It can be intimidating at first since the majority of our initial users are Koreans since we are based there, but that will change as time goes.  Looking forward to that! All the best! Thank you, John, for your time and hoping to feature you again when the LOT goes to another level!

John: Thank you for the time again Blockcast!

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