Namatirai Zinyohwera, a Tech Evangelist from South Africa tells about Open Tree Learning Namatirai Zinyohwera a Tech Evangelist from South Africa tells about Open Tree Learning Namatirai Zinyohwera a Tech Evangelist from South Africa tells about Open Tree Learning

Loading Hi Namatirai, can you introduce yourself?

Namatirai: I am a young, impact driven self-starter, building, measuring and learning within the technology sector. My previous work experience in independent Sales and Marketing Consultancy, propelled me into a Business Development career.

I work out of South Africa with international tiger teams in blockchain technology such as Dataeum, based in France and PropertyBay based in Australia. I also serve as a Regional Partner for Faster Capital and The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants in Africa.

I have pivoted from an academic background in Politics and Governance, bridging into Information and Communication Technology, with the goal of specializing in Public Sector Digitisation. I have spoken on public sector digitisation at numerous local and global platforms including Superstage, Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards, Falling Walls, the Business Leaders in Africa Summit and many others.

By adding a leading MBA Programme to these multi-sectoral experiences, I intend to springboard into an International Business Development career by 2020, which will help me to address the big public policy questions and debates, in the aftermath of disruptive technologies, shaping the way we live on the continent. What is your project name? And what is the main objective of your project.

Namatirai: Open Tree Learning is a blockchain based social credit system. The main objectives are to:

– create shared value between companies and communities through blockchain.
– create a transformation vehicle which allows equitable peer-to-peer sharing of fiscal resources.
– create a record of reference for corporate and citizen social responsibility.
– create new employment opportunities for underprivileged communities in big data

In today’s society, multinational corporations have more power and wealth than some nations. As such multinational corporations, have the ability to enable social change. Following 60 years of promotion, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has developed into a type of business responsibility. Presently, organizations need to consider their monetary, lawful, natural and social impact on communities around them. Post-Corporate Social Responsibility proponents have tabled discussions around Creating Shared Value between corporations and communities and therein lies an opportunity for blockchain technology. Both corporations and consumers (oftentimes failed by poor service delivery by government), can expect better outcomes from the Creation of Shared Value through blockchain – and this is only the beginning. What are your views on the current crypto and block-chain market?

Namatirai: Speculation on the value of blockchain is rife, with Bitcoin (the first and most infamous application of blockchain), grabbing headlines for its rocketing price and volatility. That the focus of blockchain is wrapped up with Bitcoin is not surprising given that its market value surged from less than $20 billion to more than $200 billion over the course of 2017. Yet Bitcoin is only the first application of blockchain technology that has captured the attention of government and industry.  But blockchain offers so much more.

Despite the hype, blockchain is still an immature technology, with a market that is still nascent and a clear recipe for success that has not yet emerged. Unstructured experimentation of blockchain solutions without strategic evaluation of the value at stake or the feasibility of capturing it means that many companies will not see a return on their investments.  Which is why is it of vital importance for Tech Evangelists such as myself to continuing educating stakeholders in both the public and private sector about the merits of Blockchain. My work with the The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants is exactly that .i.e. hosting specialized workshops for corporates to brush up on their Blockchain. Can you provide a quote or what you believe in for the readers?


“It is no longer business as usual- its now business unusual…”