Shania WEN(文杉), Global Marketing VP of BHEX: 不要追逐风,要成为风。

Don't chase the wind, you have to be the wind.


 3,309 total views,  4 views today今天十分荣幸邀请到BHEX的团队来到, 我们将对BHEX团队进行系列专访,请大家持续关注!文杉, 欢迎来到, 请您简单介绍一下您自己。 Shania, welcome to! Great to have you and your team here! First of all, can you introduce yourself?

Shania: 大家好, 我是文杉,毕业于中欧商学院EMBA,华中科技大学本科。毕业就职腾讯担任产品经理,后7年百度工作经验,负责百度移动云多款亿级APP运营。2014-2018年任互联网金融APP借贷宝创始合伙人,市场副总裁,完整操盘借贷宝从0到1.38亿用户的品牌、市场、运营工作。在市场公关与品牌领域有超过十年业务管理和实战经验。

Shania: Hi, my name is Shania Wen,  BHEX VP of Global Marketing. I graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and received EMBA from China Europe International Business School(CEIBS), served as Tencent (Shenzhen) Product Manager and Deputy Operation Director of Baidu Mobile Cloud and was in charge of operation for a few Apps with billions of users. I also co-founded Fintech APP Jie Daibao and worked as the marketing VP, oversaw the App’s growth to 138 million users from scratch. I have over 10 years of experience in Marketing, PR and Branding.可以位我们的读者介绍更多关于BHEX的内容吗? 你们项目的主要目标是什么? you tell us more about BHEX? What is the main goal of your project?

Shania: BHEX(中文名:币核)是一个去中心化且开放的数字资产交易平台,2018年12月上线。由火币网前CTO巨建华创办,底层由Bluehelix去中心化资产托管清算技术支撑,为用户提供币币交易以及法币交易。主要目标是通过解决加密资产在流通和存储环节的中心化不透明的信任问题,通过全球清算成员共同建立的blue helix托管链实现安全、公开、透明的服务。同时BHEX交易所具备百万级交易并发的高性能,并提供虚拟券商功能和BHOP开放平台,服务于商业伙伴和终端用户。

Shania: BHEX is a decentralized and open digital asset trading platform, launched in December 2018. Founded by CTO Jianhua Ju, the former CTO of Huobi. The bottom layer is supported by Bluehelix decentralized asset custody and clearing technology which provide users with currency transactions and fiat currency transactions. The main goal is to achieve secure, open and transparent services through the Bluehelix escrow chain jointly established by global clearing members by addressing the problem of centralized untrust in the circulation and storage of cryptocurrency assets. At the same time, BHEX Exchange has the high performance of millions of concurrent transactions and provides virtual broker functions and BHOP open platform for business partners and end users. 您对对目前的加密货币和区块链市场有何看法? is your view on the current cryptocurrency market?

Shania: 在加密货币的巅峰期,交易量甚至达到每天400亿美元,与纽交所的日交易量持平。这一行业一度被捧上神坛,被认为对于金融市场有划时代意义。前段时间,比特币的价格与历史最高点相比跌去了83.3%,行业步入寒冬。市场上传来很多质疑的声音,认为“数字货币是一场骗局”。


Shania: At the peak of the cryptocurrency market, the transaction volume even reached $40 billion per day, which was the same as the daily trading volume of the NYSE. This industry was once held on the altar and is considered to be of epoch-making significance for the financial market. Recently, the price of Bitcoin fell 83.3% compared with the highest point in history, and the industry entered a cold winter. The market has experienced a lot of questioning voices, saying that “digital currency is a scam.”

Touting or slandering is not the right attitude for this industry. The underlying technology of digital currency is the blockchain. The blockchain is essentially a technology that solves transaction trust and security. There is no original sin in technology. If you enter the market with the mentality of “getting rich overnight,” you will be disappointed. Only a team that is deeply rooted in the industry can cross the bulls and bear and achieve success. 有什么想要传达给我们Blockcast的读者? 可以是建议,观点或者一些思考。例如“我相信区块链,它可以改变世界。” there anything else you want to share with our viewrs? 

Shania: 对于区块链,我们高估了一年或两年能做到的,而低估五年或者十年能做到的。不要追逐风,要成为风。

Shania: For the blockchain, we overestimate what we can do in a year or two, and underestimate what we can do in five or ten years. Don’t chase the wind, you have to be the wind.非常感谢您的分享!关于BHEX团队更多的专访内容,请点击以下链接地址查看: you verymuch for your sharing today! For more interviews of BHEX team, please click the below links:

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