TVCC Interviews Anndy Lian, Book Author of NFT: From Zero to Hero


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TVCC, a South Korea-based media company interviewed Anndy Lian, book author of NFT: From Zero to Hero at TOKEN2049 week in Singapore. Anndy introduced his new book and why it is "Zero to Hero".

NFTs took 2021 by storm. With billions traded over NFTs and a strong community behind the technology, we’re seeing NFTs adopted by industries as diverse as gaming, finance, art, and medicine. The sales volume for NFT has been declining for various reasons, but NFT is already deeply rooted in everyone’s mind.

The potential applications of NFTs are nearly endless. Some claim ten years from now, all purchases will be accompanied by NFTs. Others think smart contracts will replace legal documents. And while many think NFTs are a fad or too niche to become widely used, big players from Meta (formerly Facebook) to Twitter to Reddit and Visa are taking notice and are working to ensure they don’t miss out on the NFT boom.

"The future these NFT trends depict is an interesting one. While many people are concerned about the implications of the metaverse and the rise of AI, it’s a future full of possibilities.

It’s a future that bridges the gap between consumers and creators, gives value and security to digital assets, and one which, for better or for worse, will shake up the world." Anndy Lian commented.

Anndy also mentioned his NFT book launch on Bybit NFT Marketplace. He believes that pricing is very important in the current market, and Bybit’s Grabpic program fits perfectly with what the market wants. Find out more about Anndy’s book on Bybit. Bybit- NFT Book: (You can get more gifts here and surprises here. Sign up at

You can also get Lian’s book on Amazon and Google Books too.

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