​The most complete guide to NFT+DeFi mining


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If it is said that the hot search for the scarf, it can reflect the popularity of the hot topic in the current society;

Then, the hot search for “Bihu”, a bib specifically for the B circle, is a barometer of each section in the circle + investment, capital, and psychology.

As shown in the figure, starting from COMP mining in June, the topic “DEFI Crazy”, which ranked first on the list for two consecutive months, has fallen to sixth place;

“Market trend” fits Defi’s coldness and dominates the list;

“NFT Outbreak” quietly stood in third place.

In fact, NFT is more like an Internet celebrity after the depth P-map + beauty filter is opened to the maximum; in terms of APY and operation alone, most of the NFT+Defi mines are not so attractive.

Next, I will summarize the three postures of mainstream NFT+Defi mining for Lao Xiong. All NFT mining cannot escape these three types. In addition, I will focus on explaining the new NFT mine Cargo.

Note: Cargo blocked GAS on September 15.


Contents of this article

1. Vernacular concept

(1) The essence of NFT+Defi

(2) NFTs are all “dual currency” mining

(3) Three types of mining

2. Detailed explanation of various types of mining

(1) Pure Defi+NFT concept: MEME, Dego

(2) Pledge. Stake NFT mining: new mine Cargo

Three, matters needing attention


1. Vernacular concept

(1) The essence of NFT+Defi

NFT, Non-Fungible Tok.ens, non-homogeneous generation B.

To put it bluntly, NFT is a special type of B:

First, it is unique. Each NFT is different from other generation Bs, such as the website domain name, Zhang Zeduan’s “A Picture of the River on Qingming Festival”, and your house;

In the same way, every pie is the same. The pie in your hand is the same as the pie in my hand, and the contract address is the same.

Second, it is indivisible. Each NFT can only exist as a separate one, one is one. For example, you can’t take apart Zhang Zeduan’s “A Picture of Shanghe on the Qingming Festival”.

In the same way, you can have 1 pie, you can also have 0.99 pie, you can also have 0.1 pie.

As long as it meets the above two points, it is NFT, and in order to meet the characteristics of NFT, Ethereum has developed unique ERC-1155 and ERC-721. Two standards, which are different from the traditional ERC-20 standard.

Defi, Decentralized Finance, go to. Zhong. Heart. Hua. Jin. Rong.

To put it bluntly, all projects in circle B are called Defi.

The pie is also decentralized. The pie can also be bought and sold, and the pie can also be used. The pie is also a Defi;

OmiseGO (OMG) is also decentralized, positioning is payment, OMG is also Defi.

In essence, all the B circle projects we can see are called Defi.

The so-called “Defi” we are talking about now simply refers to: a project based on smart contracts that can be mined by dolls.

The so-called “NFT+Defi” has one essence:

For a certain NFT concept project, you can use Defi mode dolls.

(2) NFTs are all “dual currency” mining

All NFT+Defi are “double B mining”, ERC-20+NFT.


In the first case, a certain NFT project has NFTs for you, such as MEME and Cargo, but the NFT itself cannot be launched on DEX or CEX like ordinary generation B, and can only be bought and sold on Opensea similar to “fried shoes”.

Therefore, in order to combine, projects with NFT will develop a “double B system”, such as MEME+pineapple+NFT in MEME, and GEM+Credit in Cargo.

Simply put, NFT is responsible for attracting eyeballs + conceptual positioning, the real value, value, flow, transfer, that is, the things we trade. All are the ordinary generation B of ERC-20, which has nothing to do with NFT.

In the second case, if a certain NFT project does not have NFT for you, but is just an NFT concept series, such as the RARI of NFT-DEX, it will only send an ERC-20 ordinary generation B, and then engage in “transaction.” “Mining. Mine” is a pure Defi method.


(3) Three types of mining


Like the form, NFT+Defi can be divided into three categories:

The first type, which has nothing to do with NFT itself, is a pure Defi method of streaming, moving, sex or trading, mining, mining, such as WHALE, RARI, SAFE, etc.;

The second type, it is pure Defi mining. The concept of NFT will be added later, such as MEME, Dego, BAKE, etc.;

The third type is to pledge. Stake NFT for mining. Mine, or put ordinary generation B into NFT, and then obtain other generation B, such as WHALE, Cargo, etc.

The first category has little to do with NFT, the following will focus on the second and third categories.

2. Detailed explanation of various types of mining

(1) Pure Defi+NFT concept: MEME, Dego


​NFT+DeFi挖矿最全指南 MEME is familiar to everyone, so let’s just talk about it.

Two ways,

The first one is to save MEME and get Pineappl;

The second type, Uniswap streaming, dynamic, sex, mining, mining, MEME/Auntie.

Pineapple can be obtained in both ways, and Pineapple can be exchanged for NFT, and NFT can be released in Opensea or Rari.



​NFT+DeFi挖矿最全指南 Dego was originally an ERC series of old earth mines in the “firework” mode, but it has now been combined with NFT.

Yesterday, Dego launched the NFT airdrop.

​NFT+DeFi挖矿最全指南 In addition to continuing with Defi, Dego can cast NFT, and NFT can also be replaced with Dego.

(2) Pledge. Stake NFT mining: new mine Cargo


Cargo is a platform for NFT production, management, and buying and selling. Its main feature is low-gas mass production of NFTs.

The NFT game concept project PGFK, which was just concluded two days ago, is the main incubator of Cargo.

Double B system

The first type: GEM;

GEM plays the role of value, value, condensation, and has the functions of investment, future formalities, and mining.


The second type: Credit

The role of Credit is mainly the current procedure fee, which can be simply understood as GAS tok.en, similar to 1inch CHI.

The initial credit is 1,305,379, and there is no upper limit. Whenever the credit consumed by casting, making or buying or selling will be destroyed.

Mining rules


As form,

First, as long as you insert GEM into your NFT (ERC-1155 or ERC-721) and put it on Cargo, it is considered mining;

Second, NFT production is very simple, pictures, audio and video can be converted at will;

Third, 5% of GEM has been allocated to PGFK holders and the snapshot has ended;

Fourth, GEM is about to open 1D0 in the DEX of PGFK on AVAX.

In summary, like PGFK, Cargo has developed a more complex double-B system, which combines the ordinary belt B and NFT as plug-in binding, which is a deeper combination.

Three, matters needing attention


This picture is often quoted in various articles. The meaning I want to express is nothing more than the overall volume of the block, block, chain, NFT still has a lot of room for growth, and NFT has great potential.

Conversely, I think that capital is the smartest, and no one goes where there is no hair.

The subtext that says you have a lot of potential is: you can’t do it now.

Why does Defi fire? Because there are so many people.

Uniswap has been in development for N years. In addition to mining incentives, there are many real needs, or Zeus capital, who shorted Link some time ago, is operating in AAVE.

If it is still a picture or a piece of music, NFT will not be able to enter the homes of ordinary people, and there will be no “killer” applications such as Uniswap or AAVE.

Just like a mine that is pulled purely by dolls, is RARI, one of the leading NFTs, really that powerful?


Just like YFI that broke through the sky, Xiong Xiong did not hold it personally, but in fact, he did not see anyone holding it.

MEME’s airdrop at that time, unless you forgot, you have never seen anyone who can hold it. The so-called “big V” can’t be held, otherwise they will not try to make another FEW fake plate. write).

The “NFT” hot spots that everyone is talking about did not drive the overall NFT section to take off, let alone lead the market like Defi.

NFT is still at the stage of “a painting”, and the future can be expected, but at this stage it is only a “hype spectacle”.

So, it’s the old saying, don’t FOMO, don’t stud things that “look beautiful”.

With a picture as the end, this “NFT” sells 10.25 concubines, ha ha.