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We were all cryptocurrency and blockchain novices once. We tried to overcome our shortcomings by reading endless mind boggling Telegram chats. But there is a simpler way! Books!

Of course, there will always be things for us to learn, but here’s a list of Hard Fork’s favorite educational books about cryptocurrency and blockchain that you should read in the new year.

1. Bitcoin: The future of money? – by Dominic Frisby

2. Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps – by Daniel Drescher

3. The Dark Net – by Jamie Bartlett

4. The Internet of Money – by Andreas M. Antonopoulus

5. Digital Gold – by Nathaniel Popper

6. The Book of Satoshi – by Phil Champagne

7. Blockchain for Babies (Baby University) – by Chris Ferrie and Marco Tomanichel

Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list; there are probably as many Bitcoin books out there as there are altcoins. But these are some of our favorites and they provide great starting points for newbies, and refreshers for the seasoned hodler. They’re definitely books that should be on the shelf of anyone seriously into cryptocurrency and blockchain.


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