A quick look at the new gameplay behind the popular NFT: public chain, index, insurance, mining, etc.


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In addition to collectibles, NFT is also combining with DeFi and DAO to create some new gameplay.

Original title: “NFT brings 8 new ways to play, is it expected to form a big vent in 2021? 》
Written by: Five Fireball Leaders

The recent NFT is very popular. You don’t know why it rises for many projects. At first glance, it turns out to be related to NFT…

If many of the DeFi projects last year were at least supported by data, then many NFT projects this year, except for projects with strong data support such as FLOW, which are supported by NBA Top Shot, many other NFTs may rise simply because they are NFTs.

But in any case, you should also be very clearly aware: the blockchain in 2021, NFT is expected to form a big outlet.

When we mention NFT, or NFT projects, we first think of CryptoKitties, those cryptographic art paintings that can be read or understood, or NBA Top Shots that have become so popular recently.

In this article, we will talk about some innovative projects of NFT. Some may be known to you a long time ago, and some may not have been heard before, but this is not important. The important thing is that you have to know that there are so many ways to play NFTs.

Flow: NFT chain

A quick look at the new gameplay behind the popular NFT: public chain, index, insurance, mining, etc.

When mentioning NFT this year, the one project that is most difficult to overcome is undoubtedly Flow .

Remember that when the CryptoKitties team was developing Flow, everyone was either confused or disdainful: Just for an NFT, but also to develop a separate public chain? Even if ETH is too slow, there are not many Ethereum killers or Ethereum Friends of the workshop are there. As for the development of a public chain alone?

In October last year, the Coinlist $0.1 public offering, many people invested 1,000 U.S. dollars (with a limit of 1,000 U.S. dollars) in it, and now that 1,000 U.S. dollars has become almost 400,000 U.S. dollars…

Regarding the success of Flow, there are a few points that you cannot ignore:

1. User impressions. When it comes to NFT, the first thing you think of may be a crypto kitty. And Flow is developed by Dapper Labs, the original team of CryptoKitties. This impression halo bonus is too big and belongs to the kind you can’t get around.

2. Behind the capital and partners. The capital invested includes A16Z, the top capital in the circle such as Coinbase, and the partners include Samsung, NBA, Warner Music Group, etc. The initial positioning is to go out of the circle. After all, like NBN Top SHOT, it basically relies on IP, and it is the capital and partners behind it. At this point, no one can match Flow.

3. Public chain technology. Due to space reasons, this interested friend can browse the information by himself. Flow neither uses sharding nor Layer2. Instead, it redesigns the blockchain data processing process to improve TPS, which is very interesting.

It is worth mentioning that there is another project called Immutable x recently, which plans to build a Zk-Rollup NFT Layer2 based on ETH, and use Starkware’s ZK technology to develop “NFT chain” on Ethereum.

Its development team is also very famous, that is, the development team of the card game Gods Unchained, the second most famous game in the NFT world after the crypto kitty team.

The backing capital includes industry leaders such as Coinbase and Continue Capital. At that time, Flow’s L1 VS Zk Rollup’s L2 situation may be formed, but I don’t know which IP cooperation Immutable X can bring.

And the hottest blockchain game Axie infinity in the past six months. Axie uses the ETH side chain model. The security is definitely not as good as ETH L1, but the experience is too smooth, which is perfect for game scenarios. It will be an explosive chain at that time. Swim a side chain, maybe it will be a standard configuration.

B20: Fragmentation of NFT

A quick look at the new gameplay behind the popular NFT: public chain, index, insurance, mining, etc.

What is the hottest NFT these days, or who is it?

Of course it is Beeple. An encrypted painting of this man was sold at Christie’s for a sky-high price of US$69 million a few days ago. Beeple himself has become an “AC” in the crypto art circle.

B20 is a representative of NFT fragmentation. The publishing company Metapurse spent $2.2 million in December last year to buy 20 works of Beeple, and then issued a B20 Token in January, representing the partial ownership of the works, totaling 10 million A.

At that time, the initial issue price was 0.36 US dollars, and it soared all the way. After Christie’s auction ended, it rushed to more than 20 US dollars.

NFTX: NFT indexation

A quick look at the new gameplay behind the popular NFT: public chain, index, insurance, mining, etc.

Such as NFTX Hashmasks Index.

One thing that worries many people is that after they bought an NFT following the trend, when they wanted to sell it, they found that they couldn’t sell it anymore.

No way, just like artwork, the liquidity of most NFTs is actually very poor. Maybe you hang an encrypted painting or an encrypted cat for a few months, and there are few bids.

But now with NFTX, things are much simpler. If you have popular NFTs on hand, such as CryptoPunks, Axies and CryptoKitties, you can add them to the NFTX capital pool forging funds, and you can use the Token fund in the future. Any NFT in the exchange pool.

In layman’s terms, you just think of it as a large-cap index of the stock market, but this is a large-cap index similar to NFT.

For example, the popular encrypted portrait project HashMask some time ago, NFTX correspondingly generated an NFTX Hashmasks Index. Holders of portrait NFT can directly cast their NFT to NFT to cast this Index Token, and then go to Uniswap to sell it. This is undoubtedly Greatly enhance the fluidity of these portrait NFTs.

Meme: NFT mining, playing NFT, very few people don’t know Meme

Like Dogecoin, Meme was also a joke made by the founder at the beginning, but it became popular inexplicably, as if it was going to become the rhythm of the “Bubble Mart” in the circle.

The Meme airdropped by everyone in the telegram group in August last year would cost 1 million U.S. dollars if they kept holding them…

Meme imitated the liquidity mining of DeFi at that time and opened the NFT mining gameplay.

1 Pond Meme to dig pineapples, and then exchange pineapples for cards. There are defective, conventional and rare grades. The number of pineapples required is different. 2 Ponds use Meme LP to dig, and you can dig legendary cards, such as Satoshi Nakamoto. The card can be sold for 50 ETH.

Meme is currently developing the V2 version. It is said that there will be more ways to play and it is worth looking forward to.

Yinsure.fiance: NFT and insurance

A quick look at the new gameplay behind the popular NFT: public chain, index, insurance, mining, etc.

In my impression of the combination of NFT and DeFi, Yinsure should be regarded as a masterpiece.

When DeFi was normalized last year, there was only one old-school project, NXM, for insurance, and it required KYC, which many friends couldn’t buy at all. The AC master who created YFI had an idea, combined NFT and insurance, and came up with YInsure.finance.

Simply put, it means that you can buy insurance in YFI without KYC. It is underwritten by NXM. The insurance policy is directly tokenized in the form of NFT and can be directly traded on the NFT platform Rarible.

Later, Safe, the predecessor of Cover, directly led to the mining of NFT insurance policies, causing the insurance policies on RARI to be robbed…

Font: NFT+DeFi+DAO

This is basically the “blockchain version” of an Internet font designer.

Now with NFT, you can design a font and sell it at the same time. Not only do you sell it, you can also transfer ownership, borrow money, cut equity for dividends and earn interest…

A quick look at the new gameplay behind the popular NFT: public chain, index, insurance, mining, etc.

An interesting attempt from the Internet era through NFT to blockchain.

COVAL: Portfolio NFT

What Coval has to do is to combine many tokens of ERC20 into an attempt of NFT.

A quick look at the new gameplay behind the popular NFT: public chain, index, insurance, mining, etc.

If it is done, it may be an important part of the NFT infrastructure. However, the team has always been so stunned, so the Token price is also stunned.

One of the simplest use cases is similar to creating an index fund. You pack 40% of BTC, 20% of ETH, 10% of link, 10% of AMPL, and 10% of ADA into an NFT. Holding this NFT means Hold an investment portfolio.

PoW NFT: NFT and PoW

Today, when PoS staking mining is popular, this project has recovered the earliest PoW mining mode.

A quick look at the new gameplay behind the popular NFT: public chain, index, insurance, mining, etc.

The distribution method is not the Fair Launch mode of today’s DeFi liquidity mining, but the earliest BTC and ETH mode of mining with computers and then increasing the difficulty. Such a new project does not have any ASICs. Everyone just fights the computer and fights. luck.

Every atom is an NFT, like a crypto cat, with its own different attributes or shapes, but how much practical or artistic value do you think this thing has? Like many other NFTs, Schrodinger’s value is probably the same. Someone buys it, no one buys it…

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