ACU develops a new road: ACU building is officially put into use and is qualified as a member of the gold and silver trade fair


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Recently, Asia Digital Currency Co., Ltd. released two major announcements: The ACU building in Central and Sheung Wan, Hong Kong has been renovated and officially put into use. Almost at the same time, Asia Data Became the 15th member unit of the Hong Kong Bullion Trade Fair.

“Camping and Zhaizhai” ACU building was put into use

On December 20th, Asia Digital Currency Co., Ltd. held a stationing ceremony and officially settled in the ACU building.


It is reported that the ACU building is located in Central and Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, close to the Hong Kong and Macau Ferry Terminal, with an area of ​​about 8,000 square feet.



More importantly, the ACU building will be the location of the Hong Kong ACU gold flagship store. In the building, users can learn about emerging technologies such as blockchain and digital currency, gain an in-depth understanding of the development history of ACU, and experience a series of physical products of ACU, including the precious metal trading business that Asia Digital Currency Co., Ltd. is actively promoting.

Tuoxin Road precious metals trading will be launched soon

According to the Asian Yuan ACU white paper, Asian Yuan ACU uses gold as the main reserve asset. Based on the underlying technology of digital currency, it implements a gold standard, anchors the value of ACU with gold, and supports the value of Asian Yuan ACU with the value of gold.


With the continuous development of ACU, Asia Digital Currency Co., Ltd. not only uses gold as the main reserve asset, but also uses its advantages to open up new development directions and trade precious metals such as gold.

According to the latest official news, Yasu Bullion Co., Ltd., which operates the gold business, has officially become the No. 15 member of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Trade Fair. Asia Data Bank has applied for 99 gold and Hong Kong dollar kilo bars traded in the form of open bidding, and London gold/silver, RMB kilogram bars, Hong Kong dollar 999.9 gold and local silver traded electronically. After obtaining the relevant business license, Asia Data Bank can trade the above products.


It is reported that the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange is the only gold and silver exchange in Hong Kong that trades physical gold and silver. It was established in 1910 and has a history of more than 100 years. The Gold and Silver Trade Fair implements a membership system. There are currently 171 clerks that can operate in the form of sole proprietorship, partnership or limited company, of which 30 are members of the gold group. The gold and silver industry trade fair is managed by the board of directors and supervisors and currently has 21 directors and supervisors. According to Article 3 of Chapter 82 of the Laws of Hong Kong, the gold and silver trade fair is exempt from operating the exchange. The Gold and Silver Trade Fair provides members with trading venue facilities for trading activities of precious metals such as gold and silver, and provides services such as “transaction coding”.

Among precious metals, gold is an extremely popular investment commodity, and investors regard gold as a part of asset allocation. Hong Kong is the most important gold market in Asia. It is also known as the world’s four largest gold markets along with London, New York and Zurich. Established in Hong Kong, Yasu Gold will take advantage of Hong Kong’s advantage in the gold market to build a “golden” bridge for investors to invest in gold between China and foreign countries.

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