AMF Global-NFT Blue, ‘Franky-AIP Coin’ publicity development


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[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] Domestic company AMF Global Co., Ltd. and American company ‘NFT Blue’ conducted AIP coin promotion with world-class media art master ‘Franky’ at the Bitcoin 2021 Miami Conference held for two days from June 4 to 5. It was announced on the 14th. NFT Blue is an American company specializing in NFT that is actively collaborating with AMF Global, such as making the works of top domestic and foreign artists into NFTs.

This conference, held in Miami, USA, included professional boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather, Hollywood movie ‘Entourage’ star Adrian Grenier, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, X-Games world champion and Bitcoin ‘HODL’ rook. 50,000 people attended, including star-level speakers such as Tony Hawk.

A look at the Bitcoin 2021 conference, which was hailed as the first place where technology and NFT exhibitions were combined. More than 5,000 people participated.

Known as the world’s largest Bitcoin-related event, the conference was held at the Mana Winwood Convention Center in Miami, Florida. AMF Global and NFT Blue simultaneously promoted Frankie’s work and AIP coin at the ‘Museum of Graffiti’ here. The ‘Museum of Graffiti’ is said to be the most iconic art museum of the Bitcoin 2021 conference. NFT Blue is an NFT art showcase and ‘Clubhouse (voice-based North American famous social media)’ where many cryptocurrency art traders, artists, cryptocurrency exchange related people, and cryptocurrency/art lovers participate here at ‘Museum of Graffiti’ )’ held a special event with famous panelists.

AMF Global and NFT Blue conducted a North American promotion of the Frankie NFT with ‘Jin Yu aka “WOLF X LION”, a famous ‘Clubhouse’ panel, on June 3rd. ‘Jin You’ is a famous clubhouse speaker who previously promoted NFT by digital artists Beeples and Andrew Snowden, and their NFT projects have since achieved phenomenal sales of USD 69 million and USD 5.4 million, respectively. recorded

The Clubhouse Franky Promotion Podcast succeeded in drawing a great response from the pre-registrants and listeners of the Franky NFT, and recorded the highest listening rate for the Clubhouse podcast on the day of the broadcast. It is evaluated that the success of the podcast succeeded in attracting the industry’s attention to the after-event held at the Bitcoin 2021 ‘Museum of Graffiti’ and the Frankie’s work displayed at the event.

Clubhouse panelists with a total of 3.5 million Clubhouse followers and NFT Blue at the Bitcoin 2021 conference. (From second left) Nicole Benham CH @nich (175,000 followers), Jin Yoo aka Wolf x Ryan @wolfxlion (112,000 followers), Swansit CH @swansit (3.5 million followers), NFT jointly Founder Kenzie Claudio @nftblue.

Kenji Claudio, an official from NFT Blue in the US, said, “The ‘Franky’ NFT project with AMF Global is receiving a lot of response in the local area, and I think it has a very original value.” What is special is that the Franky NFT project being carried out this time is supported by AIP Coin, AMF Global’s cryptocurrency. The Frankie NFT bidder and cryptocurrencies and art lovers who have pre-registered on the NFT Blue official website ( will be given AIP coins worth a total of US$100,000 through a lottery. AIP coin is currently listed on Coinone and UzNEX.

A digital display of Frankie’s work at the Bitcoin 2021 Miami Museum event.
Digital & acrylic artwork drawn on digital paper “hoo202002260208”. Korean artist Frankie’s work, retail price (actual price) $10,870,723 (more than KRW 10 billion)

AMF Global and NFT Blue of the United States are planning to sell five digital works collections by Frankie Frankie, whose total value exceeds USD 100 million based on physical works, through NFT. This sale will be conducted in the form of a direct offer through a major Ethereum-based protocol, and it is said that the two companies will announce the relevant details soon. Furranky is a world-class abstract expressionist artist who mainly uses digital as a medium. His work ‘hoo1906070149’ was sold for US$10.65 million at the high-end department store in a global department store in Korea last year, and his works posted a record sales of US$100 million. It is known that those wishing to purchase the Frankie NFT, which will be announced this time, can pre-register on the official website.

Kylin Kalani, a Hollywood actress starring in the movie ‘The 9 th Raider’, which is scheduled to be released in North America this time, is working as a model for AMF Global’s ‘Asia Cat Shopping Mall’. On June 3, he appeared on the clubhouse podcast Frankie’s side and started shooting support.
Floyd Mayweather, world champion of professional boxing, participated as a speaker at Bitcoin 2021 this time.
Non-fungible token (NFT) trading platform participating as a keynote speaker at Bitcoin 2021
The Winklevoss brothers (formerly Facebook co-founders), co-founders of Nifty Gateway and Gemini. Nifty Gateway has also collaborated with NFT Blue, such as asking NFT Blue to find projects and artists suitable for its platform.

‘NFT Blue’ is a division of M Digital Studios located in Beverly Hills, California, USA, which manages NFT projects for artists, producers, publishers, licensors, record labels, musicians, fashion designers, brands, non-profit organizations, sports stars, and celebrities around the world. is an American company. Those who wish to purchase Franky NFT can pre-register on the NFT Blue official website .

AMF Global is a domestic company with abundant resources such as global celebrities, celebrities, influencers, and projects based on models and celebrity networks in 28 Asian countries. AMF Global established its US branch ‘AMF GLOBAL USA’ in 2020 with Momentum Studios, Inc. located in Beverly Hills, California. AMF GLOBAL USA is a global media platform-related company that applies IT block chain technology.

It is reported that AMF Global also owns its own cryptocurrency, ‘AIP Coin’ and ‘AIP Foundation’. ‘AIP’ is an abbreviation for Asia Influencer Platform.

AIP Coin is a cryptocurrency created by AMF Global CEO Chang-yong Lee and AMFOC (Asian Model Festival Organizing Committee), which has led the Asian cultural content industry through the operation of the ‘Asian Model Festival’. The Asia Model Festival is known as Asia’s largest model, beauty and fashion festival with a 16-year history. AIP coin will be used for online voting and model selection, including model contests for 28 Asian countries held at the Asian Model Festival from 2021.

The AIP Foundation is known to be building its own independent ecosystem, the ‘AIP Ecosystem’, based on global influencers, celebrities, artists, broadcasting platforms, and Asian fashion and beauty content networks.

An AMF Global official said, “We ask for your support as we plan to launch NFT in partnership with the world’s top artists, starting with Franky NFT, in Asiacat (, a shopping mall operated by AMF Global. ” he said.

Meanwhile, Wang Eun-hye, CEO of The Grace Gallery, which is in charge of domestic and overseas exhibitions and sales of Franky, said, “As we have a consistently good sales record overseas, we can expect positive news from this event as well.”

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