An extraordinary ‘Heo Kyung-young NFT’ appeared… “Only the livelihood” Lee Jae-myung NFT is also a topic


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(Captured from the OpenC website)

Unusual NFT works by Huh Kyung-young are on the topic of ‘Opensea’, a global non-fungible token (NFT) sales platform.

A search for ‘Heo Kyung-young’ on the NFT sales platform ‘OpenC’ on the 31st yields 496 results.

Collections such as ‘Cosmic Energy Huh Kyung-young’, ‘Yeo-rye-sinjang Your King Huh Kyung-young’, and ‘Like a Flame, Like Heo Kyung-young’ were all made with photos of the National Revolutionary Party presidential candidate Huh Kyung-young.

One of the collections, ‘Gyeongyeong Heo in Nature’, is described as “the only work in the world that means to grow the nature of the Korean Peninsula, people’s minds, economy, culture, and politics with his natural energy.”

NFT sample containing New Year’s message from Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung (provided by Lee Jae-myung Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Election Countermeasures Committee)

Earlier, on the 28th of last month, the Democratic Party’s Election Countermeasures Committee also published an NFT containing the New Year’s message of livelihood for the new year of presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung.

On this day, Park Young-seon, chairman of the Digital Innovation and Conversion Committee, said, “NFTs will be issued through OpenC, the world’s largest NFT market, for a week until February 3. It is meaningful to serve as a new catalyst for how to industrialize the metaverse of the times.”

With messages such as “Only the people and only the people, I will do my best to restore the livelihood economy” and the handwritten signature of presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung. It will be donated to the community chest ‘Fruits of Love’.

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