Andre Cronje: It is not recommended to become a DeFi developer


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The founder of YFI complained that DeFi developers are being treated unfairly by the community. He believes that developers have to bear all costs, responsibilities and risks, but only a small part of the return.

Original title: “AC Tucao: It is not recommended to become a DeFi developer | Chain Catcher”
Written by: Andre Cronje, founder of YFI Compiler: Wang Dashu, Hu Tao

Developers have always been the mainstay of the DeFi industry. They have brought many excellent products to the industry with their own creativity. Among them, Andre Cronje (AC) is the most watched developer in the DeFi industry,, Keep3r, Deriswap, etc. Many DeFi projects are from others.

However, on January 12, Andre Cronje published an article titled ” Building in DeFi sucks ” on the Medium blog, complaining that as a DeFi developer, he was treated unfairly by the community. Among them, there were frequent golden sentences, such as “They actually don’t They don’t want to use your product, they just want to use your product’s narrative to make money.”, “Don’t be a developer anymore, because you need to be some kind of pathological masochist to become a developer in this field.” etc. , Reflects many unreasonable phenomena in the current DeFi community, and is of great reading value.

Any industry has a good side and a bad side. When the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, you leave an industry. I’m still in this industry, so please don’t get me wrong, it’s fine here. My purpose in writing this article is to complain, which is therapeutic. Moreover, this allows other developers to know that this industry is very bad, and even worse in the future. Put these words in the text to understand.

Development takes time, much longer than you think. In all likelihood, ideas will fail, and it may take you months or years to build work that you think may take weeks to complete. This can be frustrating in itself.

But now, hundreds of people (sometimes tens of thousands) shout on Telegram and Twitter, “When?”, “Why not?”, “Update us!”, and often significantly more Hostile information.

As DeFi developers, our work is very open, with more insights, more peer reviews, and faster development cycles. But the disadvantage is that your mistakes will be used as “ammunition” against you and will be used within weeks and months after they are corrected. Your delay is considered incompetent and your failure is magnified ten times. .

Therefore, the constant release of new updates is already under tremendous pressure, which creates a very stressful development environment. What happens after the update is released? “When is the next upgrade?”, “What will be built next?”, “Please update us!”.

You see, no one is actually waiting for your development, they are waiting for the “price change event.” They don’t actually want to use your product, they just want to use the “narrative” of your product to make money.

Real users are very scarce. Although the amount of DeFi locked up is now tens of billions of dollars, if you cancel the subsidy (pay for the user), this number will collapse. People don’t care about your asset management system, they just want to farm tokens. People don’t care whether they can protect themselves from losses, they only want a symbolic increase in value. People don’t care if you cut the gas cost in half, which does not help their net worth. There are currently some truly amazing products in the DeFi ecosystem, but if you remove the token mechanism, the usage rate will drop to a negligible level.

One of my core motivations is to let users use the products I build, but competitors only need to use my code and an unlimited mint token to have twice the number of users in a week. So, where does the motivation to continue construction come from?

Your success belongs to your “community”, but your failure belongs to you 100%. Token appreciation? No one will share profits with you or thank you. Has anyone been attacked? You have to bear 100% responsibility, need a refund or find a way. You have 0% return and 100% risk.

Don’t give up your tokens, this is the specific lesson I learned. When I decided to distribute YFI 100%, it was because I believed it would allow me to leave the community. However, if the price drops, I will still be blamed, and I am still constantly troubled by news such as “when to release” and “when to update”. I still have all the responsibilities and expectations, but nothing in return. Don’t do that, I’m just an idiot.

The cost of creating a project is very expensive, unless you have $100,000 in spare money, don’t bother. Even if I have the tokens cultivated in YFI, IT development costs put me at a disadvantage. The situation with KP3R is even worse. If I had not built these projects, my financial situation would be better now.

The community is just bullshit. My theory is that if some people own tokens, then it is in their greatest interest to increase the value of these tokens. How naive I am. I guess this is our own fault to a certain extent, because the DeFi community calls it governance tokens. All people want to do is to rule, not to assist in the battle on the battlefield. They are only on the throne as a dictator. Order, and their civilian developers need to execute.

They don’t care about your agreement at all, let alone you. Once they no longer think you can make enough contributions according to their standards, they will sell the token as soon as possible.

Interestingly, these people will not try to increase the value of the project, but they are very happy to spend endless time asking developers to update, and asking you to explain the thinking process in detail, and countless times on the most meaningless responsible topics communicate with. Such governance and community completely stifle innovation and development, so don’t do this anymore.

Frankly, my best advice is that everyone should stop being a developer, because you need to be some kind of pathological masochist to become a developer in this field.

But if you choose to be an altcoin trader, you can publish its information through Telegram and Twitter all day long. You may even interfere with the development team’s updates. If you happen to guess the rise of altcoins, you will get good results. If the altcoins unfortunately fall, you can still transfer the responsibility to the project side. In this way, you can make more money. Even if you call the wrong order, you can still use others to cheat you for yourself absolve.

So why should you become a developer when you bear all the costs, all the responsibilities, all the risks, and a small part of the return?

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