ArbiSmart Users Get What They Wished For, Good ROI and Newly Added USDT Support


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In the crypto space, the term Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become the buzz word of 2020 as interest continues to pick up in the space. While there are several financial services verticals that falls under the broad DeFi spectrum, the ones that allow investors to earn a steady stream of passive income is something that is sought by many. It is even more exciting if the service does not require them to constantly keep track of such investments for profit optimization.

Such a solution is made possible by proprietary smart AI-based machine learning algorithms implemented by ArbiSmart. The EU based crypto arbitrage platform offers a reliable automated trading platform that allows users to leverage the price difference in crypto assets across leading exchanges to generate profits.

Unlike manual trading, ArbiSmart’s automated solution is capable of placing round-the-clock high-frequency trades across more than 20 leading global exchanges, in real-time. The platform has the potential to generate profits of up to 45% while exposing the users’ funds to minimal risk, close to 0%. In fact, even during the prevalent economic slowdown that is currently affecting global markets, ArbiSmart has managed to consistently maintain good profit margins.

Apart from its ability to generate decent profits on crypto investments, ArbiSmart is a regulated platform licensed by Estonia’s Financial Intelligence Unit to provide cryptocurrency-related financial services. It is also known to maintain high standards when it comes to customer service and security features protecting clients’ personal information and funds. All these factors have contributed to its growing reputation, making it an attractive option for investors.

Customer Satisfaction Always Takes Priority on ArbiSmart

If the platform’s customer service is any indication, one will know that ArbiSmart takes customer satisfaction seriously and is willing to go to great lengths to keep them happy. Users can provide inputs and feedback to the team which will be reviewed and considered for further improvements to the platform. The latest such development to feature on ArbiSmart is the inclusion of support for USDT deposits. Apart from the newly introduced USDT, users can also make deposits with other leading cryptocurrencies, credit and debit cards, and wire transfer.

All it takes to earn passive income is an account and a minimum EUR 500 deposit on ArbiSmart. The Smart Investment Calculator on the platform further assists users in deciding the investment amount that is right for them to enjoy preferred returns. It also provides a smart wallet feature where users can park their crypto assets and earn interest.

Meanwhile, the team at ArbiSmart continues to work on developing new features and services as per their well-planned product roadmap and user requests. Eventually, users can start benefiting from these updates as and when it happens.

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