Bestswap attracted great attention as the first community-based DEX


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As the first community-based DEX, Bestswap has attracted a lot of attention recently. On Bestswap, not only you get involved with the high global community, but also pooling on Bestswap will get distributed of platform token BET. BET mining and burning will start in the near future.


Below are the Highlights of Bestswap:

  • The first dual mining model

Platform users can not only enjoy the mining rewards of transaction fees but also participate in the BET liquidity mining mechanism. The first DEX platform coin liquidity mining mechanism truly realize the dual mining mode.


  • Realize true decentralization

All transactions and token listings are carried out on the chain, which is fair to project parties and users. There is no threshold. Anyone can list tokens for free on Bestswap. In the contract design of Bestswap, no one has any privileges. The team does not take fees from the transaction.


  • Bestswap is the first community-based DEX in Asia

There are more than one million users in its own community, and 2000+ KOLs worldwide, involving blockchain technology research and development, funds, project incubation and other fields


  • The platform has multi-chain compatibility

Not only supports ETH, but also TRX, EOS and other underlying protocols


  • Convenient transactions

When buying or selling coins on the Bestswap, press Swap to redeem it, and it will be received after the transaction is on the chain.


Bestswap team:

In terms of the Bestswap team, Andrew Kang, CEO of Bestswap, has experienced Global Business Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the blockchain and health industry. He is skilled in Strategic Partnerships, Public Speaking, International Relations, Token Economy, and accelerating.