Bitbot accelerates as Telegram enhances content monetization with Ad revenue-sharing

Bitbot accelerates as Telegram enhances content monetization with Ad revenue-sharing


The renowned messaging app Telegram launched a Toncoin-based revenue-sharing mechanism to promote monetization for public channels. The program allows owners to access 50% of the funds from ads on their channels.

Telegram’s move to share revenue with crypto investors marks a crucial milestone for the messaging platform with more than one trillion monthly channel views.

Channel owners will enjoy free withdrawals, boosting Ad participation, boding well for Bitbot’s (BITBOT) projected growth.

Meanwhile, Telegram has had various ways of allowing channel owners to profit from engaging their communities, including paid posts, merchandise sales, and membership charges.

Besides the ad revenue sharing feature, Telegram is digging into the blockchain via Mini Apps – its mini-decentralized applications.

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Telegram’s Mini Apps would likely open doors for massive blockchain adoption.

The messaging app targets user-friendly dApps without the complexities of the technology behind them, aiming to welcome over 500 million enthusiasts into the crypto space by 2028.

A massive Telegram-based blockchain community will mean exponential growth for related projects, including Bitbot.

Bitbot’s presale displays investor confidence

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AI-powered Telegram bot Bitbot reflects stable momentum as it approaches its presale target, with over $1.868 million raised.

The successful ICO shows investors looking for profitable opportunities in the crypto market are betting on BITBOT.

Bitbot leverages artificial intelligence to offer non-custodial solutions with institutional-grade investment instruments. The project has infused top-notch features that separate it from competitors.

To avoid failures such as security attacks faced by Banana Gun, Unibot, and the latest Solareum, Bitbot has superior security functionalities to ensure a safe trading environment.

Should you invest in BITBOT?

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Bitbot looks to benefit from the ready-to-boom market of Telegram trading bots. It has used a unique approach to tackle all obstacles investors face, including lackluster performance and scams.

BITBOT trades at $0.0141 at press time – a potential chance to scoop as many tokens as possible. Further, the massive features, market outlook, and Telegram’s continuous upgrades support a 100X growth for the project in 2024.

You can find more Bitbot information here.

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