Bitcoin, 305% higher than last year… Exceeded 58,000 dollars


[Blockchain Today reporter Seo-yeon Jang] Bitcoin exceeded 58,000 dollars and set a new record again.

On the 21st (local time), Bitcoin broke another new record, hitting $58,33,2.36. This record is up 305% compared to 2020.

It seems that the reason for bitcoin’s daily new record is that demand for bitcoin has increased as a countermeasure for inflation. It is true that the government is forced to increase currency due to the current situation of the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, despite the increase in the government’s money supply, the current major indicators are not showing a clear increase.

John Willock, CEO of Blocktane, a digital asset exchange, said, “The trade-off fund issuers have a significant buyout. In addition, government companies are also participating in Bitcoin. It is a situation where demand greatly outpaces supply.”

Earlier this month, Tesla’s bitcoin investment raised the current bitcoin price. Electric vehicle company Tesla reported to the Treasury that it had invested $1.5 billion. After that, an atmosphere of’who is the next batter?’ was formed. Since then, interest in bitcoin investment has increased.

Some have speculated that the reason for bitcoin’s soaring in the last few days was due to the bitcoin-hungry MicroStrategy. On the 19th, MicroStrategy announced that it had increased its debt by $1 billion to buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin price has since risen by over $5,000.