Bitcoin Asian market ‘All-time high’ renewal… 50,000 dollars under the chin


Bitcoin, a leading cryptocurrency (virtual currency), has hit an all-time high in Asian transactions, Bloomberg News reported on the 16th.

According to Bloomberg, Bitcoin reached a record high of $49913, up 3.6% from 24 hours ago in Asian transactions that day.

Bitcoin’s previous high was $49,714, which it recorded on the 15th. Bloomberg cited his own statistics, saying:

Recently, Bitcoin has been on the rise as institutional investors enter the market one after another, Bloomberg analyzed.

Bitcoin has been on the rise since last week Tesla announced that it would purchase $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin while trading electric vehicles in bitcoin.

In addition, New York Melon Bank, a traditional bank, announced on the 11th that it has created a new business unit that helps customers hold digital assets such as Bitcoin. Mastercard also announced on the same day that it plans to include some cryptocurrencies in its payment system.

Wall Street’s large financial institutions have successively recognized cryptocurrency.

Moreover, Morgan Stanley, a large investment bank on Wall Street, is also known to be considering investing in bitcoin, Bloomberg predicted that bitcoin will rise for the time being.