Bitcoin is not technically suitable for large-scale adoption, and digital payment is difficult and long


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1. Bitcoin is not ready to become the default digital payment method in the world.

2. If the 700 billion digital transactions that occur every year around the world are processed on the chain, it will cause a huge backlog.

3. There are several possible expansion solutions under development, and the development speed is stable but slow.

As the world’s leading cryptocurrency, its initial goal is to be widely adopted in the form of electronic cash.



The network can manage about 3333 transactions every 10 minutes-about 5.5 transactions per second.


Increase Bitcoin block size

Solutions based on “side chain” and other external chain transactions also appeared

Also consider the storage cost and transmission bandwidth of the data


Lightning Network

Lightning network deployed on the Bitcoin blockchain

Side chain

Blockchain branched from Bitcoin blockchain


Sharding is one of the most popular methods used by other blockchains to ensure scalability.


Standard method