Bitcoin seems to rebound after declaring “John Ver” on Musk Twitter


Musk Twitter Capture

Bitcoin, which fell to the 31,000 dollar mark the day before, seems to be rebounding after Elon Musk Tesla’s CEO declared’Zonber’ on Twitter.

Bitcoin is trading in the $39,000 range at 7:30 am (Korean time) on the 20th. Bitcoin is trading at $39,539, down 8.33% from the previous 24 hours on CoinMarket Cap. Bitcoin fell to the 31,000 dollar mark the previous day.

Bitcoin’s rebound is interpreted because Musk tweeted’Zonber’.

Musk sent a’Diamond Hand’ signal through his Twitter on this day (see visual above).

Diamond Hand is a slang term frequently used in Reddit, a famous American stock exchange, and means stubborn holding of assets such as stocks or bitcoins. In Korean, it corresponds to’John Ver.

Since then, bitcoin has reversed and hit the $39,000 level.

The plunge in bitcoin that day also halved the value of Tesla. Tesla announced on February 8 that it had purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.

Since then, as bitcoin rose, the valuation soared to about $2.5 billion, but with a sharp decline that day, its value decreased to $1.26 billion. It fell below the $1.5 billion originally invested.

Nevertheless, Musk signaled’Diamond Hand’ and declared Bitcoin’Zonber’.