Bitcoin skyrocketed, and the player who was scheduled to vote for two and a half years finally made money


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Bitcoin is undoubtedly the darling of the current major financial media, the price has exceeded 19,000 US dollars, and the historically higher price is only 3 days.

As the price of the currency rebounded, the story of Bitcoin’s wealth creation began again. In the WeChat group and circle of friends, many people posted their optimistic views and positions on Bitcoin as early as March and April of this year. A multi-order contract with a position of 3850 USD is the most surprising. “Income 2374 BTC, yield 38483.89% “It looks particularly dazzling. The rising and falling lines of the market are like screening machines. On the one hand, gamblers who fantasize about getting rich overnight are eliminated, and on the other hand, a small number of traders realize wealth reversal. If you have entered the market and held Bitcoin since March this year, the rate of return is nearly 300%. This data far exceeds the return of investing in gold and can be said to be “one of the best performing assets this year.”

Bull market without retail investors

Bitcoin rose from 10,000 US dollars to 19,000 US dollars, it only took more than a month, retail investors have not had time to perceive. The emotional onset of Bitcoin’s skyrocketing can be traced back to the middle of last month. After payment giant PayPal announced the opening of its account with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading services, Bitcoin has completely changed its appearance, the frog that once had a new high in technology stocks. Bitcoin, with no sound in it, jumped up and became the most dazzling asset in the past month. The rise in asset prices certainly means that someone is buying, and everyone attributed the credit to Grayscale, but it is not only Grayscale that contributes to it.

Since August this year, the US listed company MicroStrategy has bought more than 3,800 bitcoins in two totals of US$400 million. In October of this year, mobile payment company Square disclosed that it had purchased bitcoins worth US$50 million, accounting for the company 1% of the total assets; among the institutions that bought the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust from the stock market, there are Rothschild Invest and ARK Invest, founded by the female version of Buffett Catherine Wood. The search engine data may also illustrate the difference between this year and 2017.

According to Google Trends data, although this year’s search volume for “bitcoin” hit a new high this year, there is still a gap in the growth data from October to November this year compared to December 2017: Bitcoin climbed to The 20,000 USD has triggered the first time that the whole society has paid attention to Bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency, with a score of 100 in the data chart, and this year the highest value of this data is only 22.


As a result, institutions have become the biggest beneficiaries of the bull market. Among retail investors, those who have been rewarded are more players who have been able to hold Bitcoin after the bull and bear.

“It’s been two and a half years, and I finally made money.”

There is a hidden contempt chain in the crypto investment circle. For example, those who play contracts look down on spot, and those who play spot also look down on fixed investment. In the eyes of those brave players, gaining profits from the treacherous market is much more exciting than honest investment, and the income record is also better.

At the end of March this year, Rhythm’s “Leek Flower” column focused on the fixed investment group and described the experience of Jackie Man. At that time, without telling his family to vote for 561 days, a total of 91 periods of Jackie Man, the “record” was not eye-catching: the total investment was about 90,000 yuan, but the yield was negative (-1.17%). At that time, many people commented that this was an inefficient way. The bleak rate of return failed to stop his fixed investment.

As the price of Bitcoin rose, Rhythm talked with it about the income of fixed investment. According to the income statistics table sent by Jackie Man, as of December 6 (in September this year, when Bitcoin pulled back from USD 12,000 to USD 10,500, he judged At the right time, he bought 10,000 yuan all at once, which is equivalent to a fixed investment of 10 weeks.) He has invested a total of 127,000 yuan and currently holds 2.6426 bitcoins. According to the current price, the floating profit is about 187,000 yuan, and the rate of return is 147.18%.

“Unfortunately, the final investment of 10,000 yuan has not mentioned the cold wallet. Recently, the trading platform has been closed for cash withdrawal, and it is temporarily unable to withdraw it, hahaha.

Although the withdrawal is temporarily unavailable, the time for opening the withdrawal is getting closer, and the excitement of Jackie Man is still beyond words. The fixed investment seems simple, and Jackie Man also stipulates that he operates on time every Monday, but he does not comply with it 100%. Sometimes it is early and sometimes it is a follow-up. Strictly speaking, his operation cannot objectively reflect the results of the weekly scheduled investment 100%, but the final two and a half years of operation brought him nearly 150% of the income.

This number is not necessarily so dazzling, but it will definitely be better than some aggressive leveraged players. More investors have already lost their capital in the ups and downs of the crypto market. Earlier, 90% of the failed cases in the “Leek Flower” series published by Rhythm were related to futures operations. Others were investors who stole money from their homes and made futures contracts, but eventually they couldn’t lose money or even neared suicide. s story.

“When I bought a mining machine, I was ready to lose money.”

Like many investment markets, the cryptocurrency market has short bulls and bears. In this bull market, in addition to a small number of players, there is another group: miners. Shen Hong is one of the bitcoin miners who made money during the bull-bear exchange in the bitcoin market.

In January of this year, the price of Bitcoin has been hovering between 8,000-10,000 US dollars for several months. He spent 2 million yuan to buy 280 brand new T-series mining machines. He did not expect to experience a “312” plummet next. At one point it fell below $3,000. The mining circle was wailing, but after calculation, Shen Hong found that even if the market plummeted at the time, his own mining was still profitable. With ample cash flow, he also paid 3 million yuan from a friend of the mining machine agent. Imported 580 second-hand mining machines. Today, Bitcoin has risen to a high of 19,000 U.S. dollars. Shen Hong, who bought mining machines at the lowest point in the market, also made a lot of money this time. “The yield of the first batch of mining machines is estimated to be around 70%. It is as high as 100%,” and the return is generous.

The signs of de-retailization of Bitcoin mining are already very obvious. Shen Hong analyzed that the reason for making money is still to “persist in order to sell, as long as the price of Bitcoin rises to a certain price, sell part of it to ensure that the overall cash flow is sufficient.” In addition, investing in mining machines is a “long-term investment.” When he bought the mining machines, he was already prepared to lose money. Real miners know that currency speculation is an extremely dangerous investment. Shen Hong believes that “only geniuses can make money by speculating coins, and speculating coins is a gambling game for players who are ready to lose money.”

And this kind of mentality is difficult to encounter in the secondary market. Those investors who lose their principal in the skyrocketing and slumping cryptocurrency market mostly only know to speculate to make money. In fact, whether it is mining or secondary market transactions, the cryptocurrency market has its own set of unique operating rules. Those bear markets cannot see the hope of cutting meat due to floating losses, and short-term rises are eager to pocket their profits. It is not a real fixed investment; and those players who are not greedy and persistently want to pay back their money after losing money, even mortgage real estate loans, use credit cards to cash out their principal, most likely will end in miserable losses.

To some extent, if it is not a diehard Bitcoin loyalty, only crypto players with a zeroing mentality are most likely to survive in Amber. Compared with the previous rounds of skyrocketing, this time, after Bitcoin has reached the historical high of 19,000 US dollars for the second time, there are fewer voices advocating to buy Bitcoin in social media. This may also be because there are fewer speculators. There are more rational investors.