Bitcoin soared, I made a profit of over 100 million


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In this round of Bitcoin’s rise, a number of new wealth legends have been created. Sunny is the protagonist of one of the stories.

He is a VIP account of OKEx. In this bull market, he helped his friends to trade accounts with a profit of more than 100 million yuan, and he also received a return of 10 million yuan. The friend is the big brother he met in the currency circle, and Sunny is only 22 years old this year.

High school graduates, Sunny Day switched from the stock market to the encrypted asset market in 2017. The trading time was only 3 years, and it happened to have experienced the cycle of the market from the last bull market to this round of bull market.

During the entire cycle, Sunny experienced a wealth leap from tens of thousands of yuan to 1 million yuan or even 10 million yuan, but also suffered from the misfortune of investment projects being deceived and the other side running away. Then it exploded because of misreading the market direction. Cang, he went bankrupt that time. With millions of debts on his back, he feels hesitated about the currency circle, and he is also confused about his future.

“Is it luck or strength before?” After bankruptcy, Sunny began to doubt himself. He reviewed his operations and experiences on Weibo. This instead made him a small KOL in the currency circle, with his own payment strategy group. Because of his strategy, he helped a user earn 10 million yuan and got a bitcoin gift from him. Later, he simply became the trader of that account.

The user who gave away bitcoins became friends who trusted him. It is this account that has made more than 100 million profits in this bull market, and it has also allowed Sunny to gradually turn against the wind from bankruptcy.

So far, Sunny feels that his biggest gain in the ups and downs of the crypto asset market is caution. Low bar operation has become the norm, and poor sleep at night is also the norm. Some time ago, he had to rely on drugs to fall asleep.

Encrypted assets have allowed him to experience the surge and return of wealth. He believes in the value of Bitcoin, but he also frankly said that the asset allocation in the currency market will be reduced in the future. “I make money originally for a better life for me and my family.” It is said that people who do not have the ability to control risk should not increase leverage. “In this turbulent market, it is very common to think of heaven and hell.”

The following is Sunny’s own story.

“In this bull market, I made a profit of over 100 million yuan”

An asset of more than 1 billion yuan is indeed the most profitable for me to trade in the crypto asset futures market. Although my assets in it are only more than 10 million, it is a small achievement for a professional trader. , Is also their own value.

What the outside world sees is wealth. Behind it is the price of not being able to sleep at night. I always worry about sudden market fluctuations. I have to look at the market from time to time at night. After all, I manage hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. It’s not all my personal, just a sense of responsibility. Some time ago, I had to rely on medicine to fall asleep.

In the account with more than 100 million yuan in assets, the principal was initially only 5 million yuan. In July and August of this year, when Bitcoin (BTC) was between 11,000 and 12,000 U.S. dollars, I made a lot of currency assets for that account through the futures market, mainly ETH (Ethereum) and BTC, and later replaced ETH with BTC, about 400 BTC have been accumulated.

Later, I took a break for a while, but I didn’t expect that BTC would rise later. Although my friend withdrew some when BTC was more than 10,000 US dollars, the remaining BTC was enough for me to make more. I earned more and more Bitcoins and accumulated more than 20 million yuan in my account.

In the past two months, the BTC spot price has risen sharply, from more than US$10,000 to US$40,000. Looking at the legal currency standard, the amount is getting larger and larger, the spot assets have quadrupled, and the account has nearly 100 million yuan. Later, a little leverage was added, and the final profit exceeded 100 million.

After the resumption, I was still very cautious in my operation in this year’s bull market. The idea was to increase currency assets, but I did not do more at the beginning of the market upward trend. If that is done, the cash will be obtained now and the profit will be higher.

But this market is not if, I never expected the market to go so fast, and I don’t regret being “too cautious.” Because the greater the amount of money in your hand, the more you need to be cautious. Don’t increase leverage. The profit and risk are positively correlated.

When assets are accumulated to a certain stage, risk awareness should be stronger. This is also the experience and lessons I have accumulated from the last bull market.

“Trading crypto assets has allowed me to earn from tens of thousands to tens of millions”

Getting to know Bitcoin really started from the news. In 2017, there was a well-known ransomware incident. The ransom demanded by hackers was Bitcoin. This incident made many people aware of its existence.

I started trading in stocks in 2015. Later, because I didn’t want to go to a closed management high school, I stopped going to school after I finished high school. My family was also urging me to find a future direction, so I was a little depressed. The emergence of Bitcoin makes me want to try this emerging market.

I knew before that Bitcoin has a price market. After the news of ransomware came out, Bitcoin became more famous. I judge that more people will know it, and its price will rise.

In May 2017, I registered an exchange account, the first one I bought was Dogecoin (DOGE), and it rose by 70% the next day. I took out the 230,000 yuan in the stock market, bought a little bit of Bitcoin, and kept doing short-term spot trading. I made about 50% and the money in my account reached more than 40,000 yuan. Later, the market fell sharply, and within a month, the profits were vomited back, and in the end only 2,000 yuan was made.

The first 100,000 yuan in my life was earned by investing in EOS. The unit price was 6 yuan. After a few days, it rose to more than 30 yuan. The 30,000 yuan in the account became 100,000 yuan at most. My desire to make money.

At that time, my mother was caught in a MLM fund. It was obvious that the more than 1 million yuan she invested would eventually be lost. No matter how she persuaded her, she broke up with me when she was going to study in the United States.

I moved out of my house, and all the changes in my life made me see the future at a glance. Of course, it is not good at all. I want to fight for my future. I want to go to the United States to find an ex-girlfriend and study together. Of course, I must have money.

I discussed with my parents and mortgaged the old house, plus the money given by the family, and put together a total of 500,000 to 600,000 yuan, invested in the crypto asset market, and made a profit of nearly 200,000 yuan. As a result, I caught up with “September 4”, ICO was banned, domestic exchanges are also clearing users, and my profits have all gone back.

I was in a panic right now, and I was always thinking about whether or not to buy the bottom or leave the currency circle completely. On the contrary, the turmoil in the currency circle gave me time to study the value of Bitcoin and altcoins. I know that there must be tokens in the public chain, which is determined by its incentive mechanism; Bitcoin is a global market, and China bans exchanges, which also makes the Bitcoin market increasingly de-Chinese.

I decided to buy the bottom against the trend and bought Bitcoin and some altcoins. The small currencies on the market did not rise, but Litecoin (LTC) rose, and BTC also rose. Because I was afraid that the exchange would be shut down completely, I put the altcoins in my wallet and kept reading books on blockchain and finance during the period.

In December 2017, BTC rose sharply, and later reached $20,000, and altcoins were also ready to move. I have five or six hundred thousand worth of spot assets, and I started to take five thousand or ten thousand dollars, and try to open short in the contract market as a hedge.

From the second half of that year to the beginning of 2018, a lot of events really happened in the currency market, and the market was crazy.

For the first time, I took 200,000 yuan worth of ETH to go long, opened 2 times leverage, and made 400,000 yuan. Altcoins have also been launched. In some speculation groups I joined, many people’s coins have increased by more than 10 times. The assets in my account were more than 500,000 yuan and became more than 4 million yuan.

When they took their first million home with them, their parents always didn’t believe it, thinking that they were all numbers and couldn’t be turned into money. For me, not getting approval from my family is frustrating. But the currency market is still crazy, and you can earn dozens of times in any project.

I feel too fanatical. By January 2018, I cleared my altcoins and started shorting Ethereum (ETH). It was also at that time that I met a “friend” in the group. I used 1.5 million, and he took 3.5 million, a total of 5 million joint ventures, short ETH, and a net profit of more than 10 million yuan. We took advantage of the rebound of ETH to do more, and the account increased to more than 20 million, and the other party took away some of it.

This is also the first “ten million” that I have made a profit since I entered the currency market. It is equivalent to saying that after I entered the currency circle, I saw a fortune of one million and ten million yuan that I had never imagined before.

I just think the market is crazy. I am not inflated. I didn’t use the money to achieve material satisfaction. At most, I bought a better computer to facilitate my trading. I also signed up for a TOEFL class and planned to go abroad.

“Last bull market, I went broke and I was tricked into bankruptcy.”

I started doing futures contracts on OKEx in 2017. In fact, in 2018, I was a VIP account on the platform. At that time, in the top ten positions of BTC, the so-called big players had to hold more than 100,000 contracts. For ETH, there were more than 300,000 contracts. Later, I had more than 3 million ETH contract orders.

But I, a big account, disappeared from OKEx in February 2018, because I heard my friend’s prediction that Bitcoin would fall sharply, and I shorted BTC, and the position was liquidated.

In five or six days, the twenty to thirty million yuan was gone, and the plan to study abroad was completely lost. The things that broke me more are later.

In the bull market in 2018, I used the ETH I earned to invest in that “friend” project, with a total investment of about two to three million yuan. The other party told me that it is not a problem to scale a project 10 times. I also borrowed more than 800,000 yuan to invest in projects with my classmates, and the total foreign debt of Zero Zero was more than 1 million yuan, and promised to give them 10% of the return when they repaid the money.

As a result, that “friend” paid off and I was cheated. I called the police and went to the court to prosecute him, but I couldn’t get support because of insufficient evidence.

The so-called “friends” are actually social netizens in the currency circle. The two parties met and later traded contracts together, and they had a certain degree of trust. The other party was 10 years older than me, and he was an adult in my eyes. I didn’t expect to cheat me. Later, he blacked me and disappeared completely.

In this way, in the few days before the Spring Festival in 2018, I, who was less than 20 years old, went bankrupt and carried more than 1 million yuan in debt. My classmate later sued me and I became the defendant.

That was when I broke down the most, and I even thought about suicide. A friend just happened to introduce me to work in an investment fund. The owner of the fund invested more than 10 million yuan in principal and found two traders. One of them was me, and I became a professional trader there.

There are food and housing, no wages, only commissions. At first, they just watched the market. But I took the 10,000 yuan that my family gave me, and it doubled from the futures market 8 times in two weeks. The boss probably saw my ability and gave me 10,000 EOS, which made me twice as profitable. After that, I started to give me a large sum of money, 50,000 EOS, worth more than 900,000 yuan. In more than three months, he made more than 2 million.

I was able to withdraw more than 200,000 yuan for the profit part, but the boss no longer exists because of other business problems and the liquidation of the trading contract. I wanted to get the salary I deserved, but the other party sent me away, and I didn’t get the money.

In 2018, I experienced liquidation, being cheated, being owed wages, and being sued. That year was only the second year I entered the currency circle. In less than two years, I invested from 20,000 to 30,000 yuan to 500,000 to 600,000 yuan, making a little bit more than 10 million yuan, but it also returned to zero when the bull market was the craziest. My family didn’t believe me even more. They didn’t believe me when making money, let alone after bankruptcy.

“The market is crazy, but it also makes me more and more cautious.”

However, when I was working in that fund, I was also reviewing my trading experience, including how I made money in 2017 and how I went bankrupt in the second year. Is all this due to luck or my own ability? It was suspected.

After losing my job, I found out all the screenshots of the transaction, plus my experience, and posted it on Weibo. I also hope to meet more people with funds or experience in trading. To be honest, I would like to see if there are any People are willing to give me funds and let me trade. In addition to the idea of ​​comeback, I want to prove myself and figure out whether to trade in this market depends on luck or ability.

Two or three thousand words of Weibo self-reports, two or three people really gave me funds, that was also a turning point in my mentality.

They are all netizens who have never met, and they gave a total of more than 300,000 people, one of whom is still abroad. There is not much money, but I feel trusted. I have been scammed, and I know how it feels to be scammed, so I won’t take people’s money. I’m still young and don’t want to cheat money to live. And I took this small amount of money to operate, and indeed made money for the investors. You know, the market from 2018 to 2019 is a stage from a bull market to a bear market. I succeeded in making a profit on my own ability in the falling market. Although the currency price was falling, I made money. I didn’t divide it, but my confidence came back as an experience.

My Weibo was followed by people, which gave me a fee group. I mainly provide operation strategies for everyone in the group and collect group fees. This group buried the lead for my subsequent turnaround.

There is a big account in the group with 5 million yuan in funds. Once in the market, he wanted to short BTC. I said, “Don’t go short,” and persuaded him to go long backhand. Within a few days, BTC skyrocketed, breaking through US$10,000 and reaching more than US$11,000. This price point was exactly the price at which the big players wanted to go short.

My dissuasion and suggestions saved him, we became friends, and he gave me a BTC. This bitcoin plus the salary I earn from my work has become my turnaround capital, and I have made more than 10 million on this money myself. I returned the money from my classmates and paid them 20% interest for two years.

The friend who gave me bitcoins trusted me even more after a few operations and began to let me directly operate his account, and he paid me a commission.

We have all caught up with the bull market in 2020. My friends and I are trading on OKEx. I have become a VIP customer on the platform again, and my personal assets have returned to more than 30 million yuan.

Now that an asset account worth hundreds of millions of dollars is in my hands, I am more cautious. I have been trading on OKEx over the years, and I have often received risk warnings about leverage and risk control from the platform. In addition, my own roller coaster experience has made me more and more in awe of the market. I will continue to add to my own financial aspects. Defects in knowledge structure.

Making money in the encrypted asset market requires the right time and place. Every factor must be considered. If you are not sure, do not increase leverage rashly. It is best for ordinary people to stay away from leverage and futures. My outlook on wealth has not changed, and I never want to overspend. Compared with money, the status of a trader makes me feel more valuable. In this industry, there are many traders operating a larger amount of funds, which will test their ability.

I believe in the future of Bitcoin, especially as more and more traditional institutions and companies enter the market this year. In this market, I have a small goal, hoping to have 100 million of my own. But I will also gradually withdraw some funds from it and invest in life, such as buying a house. Thinking back to my original intention of making money, it was to give my family a better life and give myself a better future.