Bitmax announces first joint listing and auction on (MAPS)


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Park Yohan] Digital asset trading platform Bitmax (BTMX) announced the first joint listing and auction of (MAPS). The auction will start at Bitmax on the 26th at 9am EST and will be listed on Bitmax, FTX and Serum at the same time on February 1st at 9am EST. aims to be the best travel companion with online and offline maps while providing decentralized financial services. With a user base of more than 100 million, the platform provides a wallet-oriented ecosystem of travel payment services, reservation accommodation, money transfer and asset management. also builds a DeFi function on the fast and scalable Solana blockchain and Liquid Serem DEX to build a platform suitable for large-scale adoption.’s native token, MAPS, is expected to have broad utility in the platform. Token holders will benefit from customized rewards, discounts, loyalty programs and governance initiatives. It is also expected that 100% of the platform’s net profit will be distributed back to MAPS token holders. Through an innovative reward scheme, corporate incentives are given to collaborate with the MAPS ecosystem, creating a virtuous cycle structure between users, companies, and the token economy of the platform. is scheduled to hold a public offering through Bitmax, FTX, and Serum on January 26th. In the last public offering collaboration between Bitmax and FTX, the price of the two platforms increased by 1,000% in 10 minutes after being listed on the joint sale of FIDA in December.

The team brings together veterans of the blockchain, corporate governance, and investment banking industries, and is made up of key members from leading companies such as Goldman Sachs and TMF Group. The project is supported by industry-leading organizations such as Alameda Research, Jump Trading, Genesis, CMS Holdings, and Primal Group, and is working on adding a multi-currency wallet with Yield Farming in the near future.

Launched in August 2018, is a leading digital asset trading platform equipped with financial products and services targeting individual and corporate investors, including innovative volatility products, margin trading, derivatives trading, and staking. It provides various investment solutions, including products and other investment solutions. aims to be a travel companion providing online and offline maps while providing decentralized financial services. The platform has developed a wallet-oriented ecosystem that users can utilize throughout their travels using a native utility token called MAPS. will use 100% of its net profits for the benefit of MAPS token holders.

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