founder Brendan Blumer: China understands the capabilities of blockchain very well


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Brendan Blumer, founder and CEO of, said in an interview with Forbes that China understands the capabilities of blockchain very well.

In the interview, Blumer talked about the current status and future vision of EOS and He mentioned, “We have the EOSIO business, and our focus is to develop a protocol layer and all the tools needed; we have a private equity department that focuses on investing in EOSIO business, many of which are conducted through third parties. We can diversify funds to other experienced investors and expand the influence of the ecosystem; our last business is to realize the potential of EOSIO by actually establishing our own business, and our social media platform VOICE is one of them project.”

According to a previous report by “Beijing”, has established a partnership with Google. In this regard, Blumer said, “There will be other Silicon Valley heavyweights joining in the future. It is only a matter of time.”

When he was asked about the global impact of China’s central bank digital currency and blockchain service network (BSN), he mentioned, “We see that Asia is actively adopting blockchain technology, and between public and private blockchain components Create interoperability. China is building a large private infrastructure. I think China understands the capabilities of blockchain very well. They definitely have used it as a cornerstone for reforming the currency and improving its status, especially in emerging markets.”

Regarding the difference between China and the United States in this regard, he said that in terms of economic growth, one of the most incredible things about China is how they actively pave the way for organizations to use these new technologies for innovation, rather than Use supervision to hinder the development of organizations like the United States. The United States is based on low regulation. What you see is the freedom of the human spirit. It is an era of capitalism and innovation. There are too many rules now, this is a protracted battle. The Chinese government has become a pioneer. Seeing this from the growth figures, they are ready to succeed at the policy level.

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Regarding the monetary stimulus policy currently being actively discussed in the United States, Blumer said, “Economic stimulus is just another form of taxation. The government only has so many options and tools to solve this problem. I think economic stimulus is the correct way for the government to solve this problem. The problem is that funds are allocated in the wrong way. One of the most frustrating aspects of the new crown epidemic is that it does make the rich become richer. The policy is implemented in a way that pushes up the value of the wealthy’s assets, but does not It is reasonably redistributed to those who need these values ​​most.”

He admitted that at the moment, fiat currency is not a good investment. Even in the absence of economic stimulus, the value propositions of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are similar to those of gold. Blumer mentioned that in addition to holding less than 10% of EOS, also holds a considerable amount of Bitcoin.