‘Blockchain game’ I jumped in front of me… Above the game is ‘Medicinal Taryeongman’


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On the 23rd, Wemade Tree announced that it will release a blockchain game that utilizes existing popular IP (Intellectual Property Rights) such as’Everytown’ and’Wind Runner’. (Provided by Wemade Tree) © News1

While the regular general shareholders’ meeting of the game industry has begun in earnest, game companies are rushing into’blockchain games’ as a new business. However, there is no precedent for the distribution of blockchain games by the Game Management Committee, so the domestic game industry is in a situation where they only look at the overseas market.

On the 25th, Neowiz held a regular shareholders’ meeting at the Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center and added blockchain-related items such as blockchain-based software development to the business purpose. On the 26th, Kakao Games also held a shareholders’ meeting and added blockchain-based application software development and supply to the business purpose.

In addition, on the 23rd, Wemade’s blockchain subsidiary Wemade Tree announced that it will release a blockchain game that utilizes existing popular IP (Intellectual Property Rights) such as’Everytown’ and’Wind Runner’.

Blockchain games, which were considered as a’challenge’ for small and medium game companies, are receiving’love calls’ from major game companies.

In fact, few people are aware of’blockchain games’ on domestic flights. According to the ‘2020 Game White Paper’ published by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency, 56.3% of game users answered that they have never heard of blockchain games, and that they’know both the name and concept’. Only 8.9% of respondents.

In short, a blockchain game is a game in which you own an item. In fact, the user’s game items are owned by the game company. This is because the goods or items acquired in the game exist only in the server of the game company. When the game disappears, all of the in-game goods disappear.

But blockchain games are different. Items are made’owned’ by using NFT technology called’non-replaceable tokens’. In addition, since in-game currency or items are permanently stored in the’distributed ledger’, the item remains even if the game disappears. The game item is a property.

Some suggest blockchain games as an alternative to the recently controversial probabilistic items. This is because of the characteristic of blockchain games that the odds once set cannot be arbitrarily changed by the game company.

(Provided by the Game Management Committee) © News 1

The problem is that blockchain games are still not distributed in Korea. The Game Management Committee (Game Committee) decided to reject the classification of the blockchain game’Infinitistar’, which was applied by the domestic game company Nordbrick in November 2019.

The Game Committee decided that the result of the game was determined in an accidental way, and the resulting token-type item could be transmitted to the Ethereum network, thereby promoting speculation through devices and devices.

In February, the Game Committee finally rejected the rating of’Five Stars for Klaytn’ of SkyPeople, a game developer because of’meaning’. Numerous game developers are knocking on the door of blockchain games, but in the end, they are blocked by regulations and are unable to find a way out in Korea. According to Article 21 of the Game Industry Promotion Act, companies that provide PC and mobile games must be classified by the Game Product Management Committee before producing or distributing game products.

An official from a blockchain game developer said, “Currently, only global services are available for blockchain games, and all future games are aimed at overseas markets excluding Korea.” I am afraid that it will fall,” he said.

Another official said, “In fact, we know that there is already demand for blockchain games using VPN (bypass connection) in Korea.”

On the other hand, in February, when the Korea Creative Content Agency unveiled a block chain game support project to strengthen the competitiveness of’K-Game’, some criticism came out that it was not possible to know the inside of the government.


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