Blockchain tech is the future, and you can get on board for $29


Chances are you’ve heard of blockchain, the groundbreaking technology behind Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies shaking up the world of finance. But, did you know blockchain is good for much more than creating cryptocurrencies? From streamlining supply chains to protecting identities online, this digital ledger technology is being leveraged in more inventive ways each day.

As such, getting up to speed with blockchain is a smart move if you’re looking to say ahead of the tech curve. You can train up in all the amazing applications of this exploding tech with the Blockchain Master Class Certification Bundle. It’s nearly $900 worth of killer insight and instruction for just $29 right now from TNW Deals..

Even if you don’t know the first thing about blockchain, the first course in this collection — Blockchain Basics — will get you up to speed. The course will show you how blockchaining is revolutionizing the processing of information and securing digital data forever. Over 12 hours of self-paced learning, you’ll understand how blockchaining got started, its strengths and weaknesses, how wealth is created and its current place in the world financial markets.

Finally, your training kicks into another gear with the Blockchain Certification Training Course. This 23-hour collection moves your theoretical blockchaining education into practical examples as you study cases that flesh out your knowledge of everything from Bitcoins and Hyperledger to Ethereum and blockchain tools like Ganache, Truffle, Meta Mask and more.

Once you take the course, you’ll also have certification of your training.

With this bundle, you’ll develop a solid foundation iwth this emerging technology. Priced at $899, you can gather both courses at over 90 percent off, only $29, while this offer lasts.

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