BlockReview Enables You to Value Assets of Tomorrow


 1,287 total views,  3 views today is a blockchain project review platform that enable users to monitor and analyse tokens, coins, cryptocurrencies and digital assets exchanges. The charts, history, transactions allow users to study the market and make informed decision when they decide to invest in the company or join the company as a contributor.

The journey of Block Review is not easy. It has started off as a critics platform for contributors to share and rate blockchain projects. Due to its direct opinions and judgements, the website was hacked and all contents were removed.

After this incident, the founding team started to look at the industry very differently and through the help of some industry experts, the website has reborn. It is now positioned as a website for information, enabling users to make their own comparative analysis and trends for the projects they want to be involved with.

“The change is needed. We want our brand to be heard by people in the industry again. We want to carry on with our mission of  evaluating projects and coins. Block Review welcomes contributors to be part of our community. We need unbiased opinions and evaluations in this market.” said YG, Founder of Blockchain Review.

On Block Review, you can access to data of more than 2000 coins in the market. You are able to see the 24 hours volume traded, supply of coins, market cap etc for the leading coins such as BTC, ETH, TRX, EOS, XRP. When you clicked into the each of the coins, you can see historic data going back to more than 1 year and for some you can also see the technical analysis information.

Apart from the information of the coins, you will also be able to have information of the top crypto exchanges all in one place. In a table format, you can find out what are the trading pairs available, Alexa rankings and also what are the price difference for Bitcoin for all the major exchanges.

Another way to review a blockchain project is to look at their social media presence, community engagement level and also news exposure. By sharing all these information, Block Review hopes that users be empowered by all these data and make their own judgement.

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