Bluecon signs a contract for real-time cryptocurrency card payment


Neo Founder Da Hong Pay speaks at a press conference to announce the signing of a cryptocurrency payment CARD system contract held by Bluecon.

[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-eun Lee] The Bluecon project team announced that it has completed the administrative contract procedure to operate the Card platform, which allows a wide range of payments for cryptocurrencies at real-time prices in real life.

From the time the cryptocurrency began to be spotlighted in 2017, starting with Bitcoin, the discussion on “Can cryptocurrency be able to handle the payment function as a currency?” has been proceeding in various ways. While most of the projects adopt an inter-wallet payment method based on decentralization and a consuming method of expanding franchisees, the Bluecon team, which was launched in 2018, uses an already well-equipped existing financial payment system to store various cryptocurrencies. It is possible and adopted a platform method that links the wallet of the exchange that provides real-time prices.

The company has been developing the platform for the past three years and at the same time consulting with credit card companies and banks that provide payment networks through various channels.At the end of last year, the company can achieve the feat of obtaining approval from overseas card companies and banks and signing contracts. It is said that there was.

Chairman Kwon Jae-i, who leads the BlueCon team, said, “First of all, we plan to launch a service with Unionpay. Unionpay is affiliated with BC Card, so you can pay at all domestic merchants, and overseas usage fees are relatively low. In particular, it is considered that 80% of Digifinex exchange users who will launch the platform for the first time belong to China and Asia, and in the future, plans to expand so that users can apply for a card by choosing among VISA, MASTER, and Unionpay. It is” he said.

Cryptocurrencies that can be used for payment through Bluecon Card are BTC, ETH, NEO, Dash, and BEP, and the applicable coins are planned to be expanded in stages after the service launch. An official of the Bluecon team said, “The platform developed by Bluecon is a B2B model. That is, it is not only available to Bluecon (BEP) holders, but also to public blockchains including BTC and ETH, as well as to various cryptocurrency project teams and exchanges. Bluecon’s mission is to serve as a bridge between existing finance and future finance by providing the company’s own service in the form of a white label.”

The contract signed this time at Bluecon is the world’s first contract to use the Unionpay payment network by linking cryptocurrency, and it is expected to bring a big repercussion to the blockchain-based financial market, which has already started to change.