Bridgewater Fund Ray Dalio: Under what circumstances will Bitcoin lose its value?


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Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Fund, believes that Bitcoin is a success, but some institutions may kill it.

Original title: “Legendary Investor Ruida Rio: Under what circumstances will Bitcoin lose its value? 》
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The billionaire Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Fund, reiterated his stance on Bitcoin.

For a long time, Dalio was skeptical of Bitcoin, but due to the characteristics of Bitcoin and the current macroeconomic inflation outlook, Dalio finally expressed optimism about Crypto.

In an interview with CNBC’s SquawkBox, Dalio talked about the diversification of investment portfolios, and he warned investors that it is dangerous to use cash to make profits .

Dalio quoted a popular saying: “Cash is rubbish.” He acknowledged that Bitcoin and other cryptos are a store of value.

Based on past news content, Dalio pointed out that he is bullish on Bitcoin. Dalio has been raising awareness of inflation and its impact on the global economy, which is driven by monetary expansion and increasing debt.

In this case, cash has become an asset that can generate negative returns. Bitcoin is currently more attractive because it has the ability to surpass most other assets.

In this sense, Dalio stated that all alternatives to cash and traditional financial assets are “worthy of consideration,” and Bitcoin is a possibility .

Dalio is more optimistic about the gold and other assets in his portfolio.

However, the founder of Bridgewater believes that if Bitcoin is too “successful”, regulators may eventually try to stop Bitcoin’s growth.

“This is an amazing achievement. Bitcoin has withstood the test of time from the code to the present. I think it is really successful, but some institutions may kill it. I think they will kill him, because They have a way.”

Bridgewater Fund Ray Dalio: Under what circumstances will Bitcoin lose its value?

Bitcoin currently has the possibility of being adopted at the government level, and El Salvador has recently adopted it.

However, Dalio rejected this idea, claiming that the American countries could not create enough countervailing forces to balance the actions taken by India and China against Bitcoin .

China has enacted legislation to try to prohibit all business activities related to Bitcoin and Crypto currency. China even banned the entire Bitcoin mining industry, causing the Crypto currency to sell off again.

Dalio said: “El Salvador adopts it, India and China get rid of it, and the United States discusses how to regulate it, and it can still be controlled.”

Dalio believes that this type of Crypto has no “intrinsic value” and may eventually fall to zero compared with other assets with a large historical increase in value, such as tulips in the Netherlands.

In this way, Dalio’s words seem to be contradictory. Although he denies that Bitcoin has fundamental value, there is still a small part of his portfolio .

Author and Bitcoin staunch promoter Preston Pysh said, “RayDalio has a deep relationship with China, which makes people understand why he suggested that the government should shut down Bitcoin. I don’t think he understands the motivation for most countries to abandon the dominance of the dollar. , This is a collective game.”

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