“BSN Open Consortium Chain” is officially launched, China’s blockchain ecology has achieved a major breakthrough


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Recently, the Blockchain Service Network (hereinafter referred to as “BSN”) Development Alliance and related partners held a global launch ceremony of the “BSN Open Alliance Chain Project” in Beijing. The “BSN Open Consortium Chain” will be based on the BSN domestic public city nodes, and through the licensing transformation of public chain technology, it will become an “open consortium chain” deployed in the BSN ecosystem and acceptable for supervision. The project aims to further promote the healthy and orderly development of blockchain technology in China in a legal and compliant manner, helping developers to develop, deploy and run various blockchain applications at low cost and high efficiency, and to achieve chain-to-chain integration. The convenient intercommunication between the two countries has enabled China to maintain its leading position in the development wave of the global blockchain industry.

BSN is a cross-cloud service, cross-portal, and cross-bottom framework jointly initiated and established by the National Information Center, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., China UnionPay Co., Ltd., and Beijing Red Date Technology Co., Ltd. to deploy and run various blocks The global infrastructure network of chain applications is the world’s largest basic service environment for blockchains. At present, more than 120 public city nodes have been established worldwide.

The open consortium chain can be understood as the public chain technology increases the authority control of nodes, and cancels the mechanism of paying for GAS with virtual currency, thus forming the form of the consortium chain. Under the premise of legal compliance and compliance with supervision, China’s blockchain ecology will be more complete and full of vitality.

Shan Zhiguang, director of the Information and Industrial Development Department of the National Information Center and chairman of the BSN Development Alliance, said: “The BSN Open Alliance Chain provides a clearer compliance standard and regulatory mechanism for the application of outstanding blockchain technology in my country. , Let the blockchain technology play a greater potential in empowering the high-quality development of my country’s economy and society, and at the same time allow domestic developers to master the underlying technology of the blockchain under the premise of safety and control, ensuring that my country always remains in the global region Leading position in the blockchain industry.”

He Yifan, executive director of BSN Development Alliance and CEO of Beijing Red Date Technology, explained the path of BSN open alliance chain to help global high-quality blockchain projects join the Chinese industrial blockchain field under the premise of legal compliance and compliance with regulatory requirements. At the same time, He Yifan also believes that the open consortium chain will form a new blockchain industry in China, and highly affirmed the leading position of the ant open consortium chain.

The reporter learned that the “BSN Open Consortium Chain Project” aims to comprehensively promote the healthy and orderly development of blockchain technology in China in a legal, compliant, and regulatory-compliant manner, while providing low-cost, easy-to-use development to Chinese companies and developers. The choice of the underlying framework of the blockchain developed. The BSN open consortium chain is expected to go online in mid-November 2020, complete the listing of all 24 open consortium chains in the first quarter of 2021, and achieve intra-chain data interoperability among 24 open consortium chains in the first half of 2021.

As the preferred cloud service provider of the BSN open alliance chain, Chen Tao, AWS China Telecom Industry Business Development Director, said that since the release of BSN, AWS has continued to provide BSN with high-security, high-reliability, high-stability, high-agility and high-quality cloud resources, and provide professional The support services of BSN help BSN establish high-quality BSN resources in China, North America, Europe, South America and other regions, and provide guarantee for BSN’s continuous and stable service. In the future, AWS will continue to provide excellent services for the “BSN Open Consortium Chain” with its leading cloud technology and high-quality cloud resources.

“The BSN open consortium chain will be free for developers to use in the first year”, the relevant person in charge of FireChain Technology, Gao Chao, revealed this important information in his speech. He introduced the overall operation and future development route of the BSN open consortium chain. He said that FireChain Technology, as one of the participants of the BSN Open Consortium Chain project, will be responsible for the introduction of framework parties for the BSN Open Consortium Chain project and the daily operation and maintenance of the official portal.

At the launching ceremony, the first batch of 8 underlying framework parties that wish to join the BSN open consortium chain were also announced. They are Polkadot, Tezos, Algorand, Cosmos, Ethereum, Huobi Chain, Nervos and IRISnet. The names of the open consortium chains after the technical transformation of the frameworks will be named after Chinese cities, and their original names must not be used.

The official launch of “BSN Open Consortium Chain” means that China’s blockchain industry and ecology have achieved a major breakthrough. Developers can develop, deploy and run various blockchain applications at low cost and efficiently and realize convenience between chains Intercommunication will help China maintain its leading position in the development wave of the global blockchain industry.


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