Busan City promotes youth job programs in non-face-to-face and digital fields


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View of Busan City Hall © News1 DB

The city of Busan announced on the 27th that it will push ahead with four new projects in the non-face-to-face and digital fields so that youths in Busan can prepare for the changing employment environment caused by Corona 19.

The four projects include Δ youth job development in the untact industry Δ Big data and AI-based industrial innovation talent training and employment business Δ Digital youth job development project Δ AI practitioner training project

It will be promoted with the Busan Human Resources Lifelong Education Promotion Agency, Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, Busan Gyeongsang National University, and Busan University of Science and Technology.

The total project cost of this project is KRW 6.2 billion, and it is intended for a total of 273 young people.

The project period is from March to December, and until February 8th, participating companies and youth are recruited for each project.

The city supports participating companies and universities with a monthly labor cost of 1.8 million won per young adult, professional education, networking, and job search support programs to strengthen young people’s job and job search capabilities.

Companies and youth who want to participate by project can check detailed information and participation method through the announcement on the website of Busan City and the website of each project performing organization.

“It is a meaningful business to provide a stable management base for local IT companies suffering from a shortage of talents and strengthen the digital capabilities of young people,” said Kim Ki-hwan, head of the Busan City Growth Strategy Bureau. I will do my best to increase this competitiveness.”


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