Cashierest Reinforces Responsible Management through Strict Listing Procedure ‘Total Investor Protection’

Cashierest Reinforces Responsible Management through Strict Listing Procedure ‘Total Investor Protection’

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[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] Newlink (CEO Won-jun Park, hereinafter Cashierest), an operator of virtual asset exchange Cashierest, said on the 14th that it would provide customers with a transparent and safe investment environment by strengthening the virtual asset listing verification process more strictly. said.

For an objective and credible evaluation, Cashierest first uses the project evaluation report of an external listing evaluation agency to evaluate the project listing, then comprehensively evaluates all evaluation items according to the internal evaluation criteria, and manages thorough virtual asset listing verification · Maintaining a supervisory system.

Previously, since 2020, Cashierest has evaluated the token structure, growth rate, technology level, legal and marketing structure of the project it wants to be listed through an external listing evaluation committee made up of experts in the virtual asset-related industry such as professors and lawyers. Listing eligibility has been reflected in the final review.

In addition, according to the government’s social distancing quarantine guidelines, as part of a preemptive response to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Cashierest has built and operated an online non-face-to-face listing application system. We plan to secure transparency and reliability in asset transactions.

In addition, Cashierest provides key information and features about virtual assets on its own website and satisfies investors’ right to know. Projects that do not appear to be traded are designated as stocks to be considered for investment and are notified of the end of trade support.

Won-Jun Park, CEO of Cashierest, said, “We plan to operate the overall listing system more fairly and strictly to improve the soundness of the virtual asset market and secure stability and reliability of the listing process in terms of investor protection.” We plan to explore opportunities for cooperation and establish governance based on trust and collaboration.”

Meanwhile, Cashierest signed a strategic business agreement (MOU) with external listing evaluation agencies, Korea Economic TV KORating and Jeonju University Virtual Asset Evaluation Institute, to strengthen verification related to listing of virtual asset projects earlier this year.

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