China’s BSN adopts DAML as its smart contract language


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  • DAML smart contract programming language was developed by Digital Asset, an American blockchain startup.
  • Red Date Technology plans to integrate the DAML platform, which will offer complete functionality support.
  • The development means the future of China’s blockchain technology depends largely on the role of DAML.

Blockchain Services Network (BSN), which is China’s biggest blockchain infrastructure project, is planning to set up a unified smart contract programming language. The initiative, announced today, was developed by an American blockchain startup and will be known as DAML (Digital Asset Modeling Language).

According to the announcement, Red Date Technology will integrate the DAML and offer support for full functionality. Red Date Technology is a big tech firm that developed the smart contract programming language.

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The company has been known as the initiator of China’s first state-supported blockchain initiative regarded as the main mechanism for developers when building decentralized apps. The development of dApps will be on a wide range of areas, including drug-delivery tracing and money transactions.

DAML will help to create and implement the dApps

With this development, the future of China’s blockchain infrastructure will rely heavily on the role DAML will play. Today, Red Date announced that the DAML will now be the “ultimate standard” to develop decentralized applications (dApps) as well as the BSN.

The new plan will ensure the effective interoperability of BSN built dApps, as developers will only need to write their apps using one language.

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Interoperability across all blockchains

Chief executive officer of Red Date Technology, Yifan revealed that its developers are now able to use a single unifying smart contract language interoperable and seamlessly across all blockchains when they select DAML as the only BSN smart contract language.

Right now, the development of the DAML-centered project has already begun, as the report on the project suggests. Digital Asset and Red Date Technology are looking to complete the project before the end of next month. Piloting the project will start by deploying the DAML app for operation on both Webank’s FISCO BCOS and IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric.

China could influence global blockchain adoption

China’s large-scale adoption of blockchain technology could kick-start the global adoption of the technology if China’s adoption becomes successful.

Digital Asset Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Yuvul Rooz, indicated that the main step to the global adoption of blockchain is the development of the infrastructure strong enough to connect all blockchains, which is exactly what China is trying to do.

There are multiple blockchain platforms available and more coming to market,” he reiterated.

As it stands, BSN already has impressive traction with more than 130 nodes in production in different regions in the country. When BSN integrates with DAML, there will be an advanced interoperability protocol as well as a single unified language to further enable the version.