Coinbit CEO Kim Hyung-seop “Exchange’s task is to connect cryptocurrency to actual use”


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-Hye Han] “Our answer lies in the direction of DeFi technology that actively approaches consumers”.

Coinbit’s new CEO Kim Hyung-seop presented opinions on the positive possibilities and negative views of cryptocurrency at the’World Blockchain Summit Marvels Seoul 2021′ organized by KCS (Korea CEO Summit / Chairman Park Bong-gyu) on the 13th.

CEO Kim Hyung-seop, citing the activities of the UN WFP Innovation Advisor through his presentation, said, “The UN World Food Program has provided digital currency (LEDGER), not cash, in providing financial aid to refugees from a long time ago.” In addition, “if aid in cash or in kind results in various problems such as looting from the strong to the weak in the refugee group, it repeatedly leads to unfair results for all. Therefore, digital currency is paid with eye recognition to change these variables. I blocked it earlier,” he explained.

Based on these contents, CEO Kim said that the concept that has attracted the most attention in the current blockchain industry is’D’Fi’.

“DeFi is a term that refers to decentralized finance that is growing booming all over the world, and various derivatives using cryptocurrency are occurring, and we should also review this concept positively and absorb it effectively to create a more healthy cryptocurrency. We will be able to build a currency market.”

CEO Kim Hyung-seop presents examples of the cryptocurrency market in Thailand, the bit flyer in Japan, and Luxembourg. I did.

CEO Kim said, “The strategy that we should take by taking advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of DeFi is to increase the more practical use cases of cryptocurrencies such as Tesla and Bitcoin, and the exchange will take responsibility for the convenience of end users, that is, users, and to devise reliable countermeasures. Not only that,” he said, “We need to work together in a number of directions, including support for innovative and progressive technologies with an always open attitude to new concepts such as DeFi, and the government’s policy to keep pace with the future. ‘

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