Coinone, celebrating its 7th anniversary, “I will pioneer a new cryptocurrency market with DeFi”


Key issues celebrating the 7th anniversary of Coinone

Coinone, a domestic cryptocurrency trading site that celebrates its 7th anniversary, announced on the 22nd that it will preemptively provide decentralized finance (de-fi) services to pioneer a new cryptocurrency market.

Founded on February 20, 2014, Coinone has solidified its position as one of the top three cryptocurrency trading sites in Korea, with 1 million subscribers and a cumulative transaction amount of 182 trillion won as of January.

Coinone plans to focus on leading the DeFi service as awareness of the cryptocurrency market has increased this year. Last year, the company has established a foothold as a cryptocurrency platform company by introducing a cryptocurrency reward service’Coin One Plus’ and a real-time currency exchange service’Easy Purchase Service’.

Myung-Hoon Cha, CEO of Coinone, said, “Coin1 has been actively investing in improving service quality to take the lead in establishing a stable virtual asset trading culture.” I will go out.”

Coinone will hold the event until February 28th, commemorating its 7th anniversary. First, after a new subscription to Coinone, a’new sign-up/deposit event’ is held in which users who deposit 10,000 won or more in KRW or cryptocurrency are paid’Clay’.

In addition, there will be an event that pays 700,000 won worth of bitcoin through a lottery to users who traded more than 100,000 won per day, and an event that presents Galaxy Z Flip to the most invited friends per day. Detailed introduction of the event can be found on the Coinone website.