Come, draw the key points for the first batch of EVM-compatible Rollup applications that will be launched soon


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin “emphasized that Optimism and Offchain Labs will be launched in March” aroused the attention of the Chinese community on the “Rollup early bird application”. Let Lianwen be the focus of the first batch of EVM-compatible Rollup applications to be launched soon.

Written by: Pan Zhixiong

Under the continued high pressure of Gas in the past few weeks, the expectations of the Ethereum and DeFi user communities for expansion have gradually shifted from Layer 2 to other side chains and even public chains, such as Polygon (Matic), Binance Smart Chain and Fire Coin Heco and other products that can be used out of the box at this stage.

However, from a security perspective, the security of the sidechain and other EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible public chains are independent of Ethereum, and Layer 2, especially the Rollup type expansion solution, can be based on Ethereum itself. Security (long-term operation, PoW computing power protection) To build a decentralized application ecosystem, you can also obtain a hundredfold performance improvement at a small security or experience cost.

The first batch of EVM-compatible Rollup solutions that can be applied on a large scale are mainly provided by two teams. Optimistic Rollup and Arbitrum Rollup developed by Optimism and Offchain Labs have previously stated that they will start a large-scale community public test in March.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin also appeared in the domestic community yesterday, repeating this time and the two teams again, further igniting everyone’s expectations for expansion.

Come, draw the key points for the first batch of EVM-compatible Rollup applications that will be launched soonYes, Vitalik’s Chinese is very good

Optimistic Rollup (by Optimism)

Optimism’s Layer 2 network “Optimistic Ethereum” has launched a beta version based on the Ethereum mainnet in January this year, and will start a wider community public test in March this year.

Synthetix: Layer 2 has been launched

The first application to launch Optimistic Ethereum is Synthetix, a synthetic asset protocol. Since its launch in January, nearly $160 million in assets have been migrated to the Layer 2 network. As it is in a relatively early stage, the Layer 2 version of Synthetix currently only supports very limited functions, mainly covering mortgage casting assets.

However, Synthetix of the Layer 1 network is a full-featured DeFi protocol, covering transactions, derivatives, asset management (dHEDGE), etc., so it can be expected that when the Layer 2 version of Synthetix can support all Layer 1 functions, Synthetix’s transaction volume and There is a lot of room for growth in the transaction scale.

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Uniswap: Will support Layer 2

Uniswap has long stated that it is studying the Layer 2 protocol and focusing on the development of its V3 version of the protocol, trying to solve various problems that are currently criticized by the community. Uniswap is most likely to use Optimism’s Layer 2 network, but the team has never given any expectations for the timing, but at least it should be at the same time as the Optimism public beta in March, or even later.

Volmex: Will support Layer 2

The Ethereum-based volatility index and non-custodial trading platform will integrate the Optimism two-tier expansion solution to achieve cheaper and faster index queries and futures transactions. At present, the team has launched two volatility indexes: Bitcoin volatility index BTCV Index and Ethereum volatility index ETHV Index, which track the expected volatility of assets for 30 days.

The team has started to develop on the Optimism local testnet, and will implement the public testnet and mainnet with the help of the Optimism team.

Saddle: Will support Layer 2

Saddle, an automatic market maker tool designed for anchoring prices of encrypted assets, announced that it is migrating smart contracts to the Optimism second-tier expansion plan, but the specific details and timing have not been disclosed.

Arbitrum Rollup (by Offchain Labs)

The Arbitrum Rollup expansion network launched by Offchain Labs is a technology similar to the concept of Optimism, but they hope to improve the overall experience and efficiency through multiple rounds of interaction. Technically speaking, Arbitrum is compatible with EVM and Optimism, which is much easier than ZK Rollup.

Judging from the information obtained by third parties and Vitalik Buterin, Arbitrum Rollup will launch its first public version as soon as March.

MCDEX (Arbitrum Rollup): Layer 2 has been launched (beta)

The first application on Arbitrum should be the decentralized contract exchange MCDEX. They opened the Layer 2 version of the test last year, and users can use MetaMask to test on the website.

At the beginning of this year, MCDEX also wrote an article explaining why they chose Arbitrum Rollup. In their opinion, the Arbitrum solution has lower chain costs, higher technology maturity, and more developer friendly.

Bancor (Arbitrum Rollup): Will support Layer 2

As one of the originators of the automatic market maker (AMM) concept, Bancor, a decentralized trading protocol, chose Arbitrum Rollup to complete the expansion, but the specific time and details were not disclosed. Bancor can provide spot trading functions for the early construction of Arbitrum.

Cometh (Arbitrum Rollup): Will support Layer 2

Cometh, a DeFi-based NFT game project, announced the selection of Arbitrum Rollup as one of their expansion plans. Recently they also collaborated with AaveGotchi in the sidechain Polygon (Matic), so their game also supports the Polygon network.

Augur: Will support Layer 2

Augur, a decentralized prediction market protocol, is one of the earliest projects in this field. They also announced that they will choose the Arbitrum network, but many details have not been disclosed.

DAOstack: Will support Layer 2

DAOstack, a decentralized autonomous platform, announced that it will cooperate with Offchain Labs, the development team of the Arbitrum Rollup development team of Ethereum, to deploy the DApp Alchemy built on DAOstack on the second layer of Ethereum network Arbitrum, but many details have not been disclosed.

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