Comment: The launch of the central bank’s digital currency is expected to trigger a new round of financial technology revolution


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1. China Electronics Standardization Institute released three blockchain standardization achievements

According to Chengdu Business Daily, on October 30th, at the “Standards Leading, Industry Empowering” Blockchain Standards Summit, China Electronics Standardization Institute released the latest blockchain standardization results, which are the “Blockchain Copyright Deposit Certificate Application Guide, “Blockchain Enterprise Platform Operation and Maintenance Guide” and “Blockchain Supply Chain Financial Service Application Guide”.

2. National Cyberspace Administration: Issue the fourth batch of domestic blockchain information service record numbers

Since the official implementation of the “Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services” (hereinafter referred to as the “Administrative Regulations”) on February 15, 2019, the State Internet Information Office has organized the filing and review work in accordance with the law and has issued 3 batches of 730 domestic districts Blockchain information service names and record numbers, the fourth batch of 285 domestic blockchain information service names and record numbers are now released. According to the requirements of the “Administrative Regulations”, blockchain information service providers should mark their record numbers in prominent locations such as Internet sites and applications that provide services to the outside world. Filing is only the registration of the subject’s blockchain information services, and does not represent recognition of its institutions, products and services, and no institution or individual may use it for any commercial purposes. The cybersecurity and informatization department will follow up with relevant departments to supervise and inspect the filing entities in accordance with the “Administrative Regulations”, and urge those entities that have not been filing to fulfill their filing obligations as soon as possible. Relevant institutions and individuals that have not yet completed the filing procedures are requested to apply for filing as soon as possible.


3. Comment: The launch of the central bank’s digital currency is expected to trigger a new round of financial technology changes

According to the 21st Century Business Herald’s October 30 news, Liu Bin, director of the Financial Research Office of the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Research Institute, issued an article that the introduction of the central bank’s digital currency has an important impact on the entire financial system and economic development, and is expected to trigger a new round The financial technology revolution in China deserves extensive attention. After the central bank’s digital currency test has undergone preliminary trials, it has clearly shown the following characteristics: one is to choose a variety of different scenarios for testing, the other is to choose different partners, and the third is to shift from internal closed testing to public testing. The article pointed out that the future introduction of central bank digital currency will bring about the following eight aspects: first, promote new changes in financial technology; second, change the development pattern of the payment industry; third, improve and unify financial transaction data; fourth, promote Cashless social development; fifth, promote the upgrading of the financial technology industry chain; sixth, create conditions for innovative monetary policies; seventh, promote the internationalization of the RMB; eighth, take the lead in formulating international standards for digital currencies.


4. Huawei launches the first smartphone that supports digital RMB hardware wallets

According to official Weibo news from Huawei Terminal, the Huawei Mate40 series is the first smartphone to support digital RMB hardware wallets, providing controllable anonymous protection and dual offline transactions.

5. Chengyu Region Blockchain Application Innovation Alliance was established

According to Sichuan News Network, on October 29th, 2020 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair opened in Western China International Expo City. During the period, the Chengdu-Chongqing District Blockchain Application Innovation Alliance was formally established. The Sichuan Province Blockchain Infrastructure-Shuxin Chain Ecology was awarded the license. At the same time, a number of projects were signed on-site to inject the further development of the Chengdu Blockchain industry. “cardiac”.


1. Officials of the Central Bank of Russia: Central Bank CBDC will eliminate the need for cryptocurrencies

According to Cryptonews, Alexei Guznov, the head of the legal department of the Central Bank of Russia, said that the central bank hopes that the digital currency (CBDC) that will be piloted next year can be used as a “response to the challenges posed by (encrypted assets)”. Guznov acknowledged that “encryption is a clear challenge to the stability of the national payment system and the national financial system”, partly due to their speed and adoption rate. He said: “(Encrypted assets) are used in a system that includes money laundering, drug trafficking and financing of terrorism. This is undoubtedly a problem. Therefore, we believe that the circulation of (encrypted assets) should be strictly regulated. Or in the form of prohibiting circulation, or In the form of restrictions.” Guzov believes that CBDC in Russia and abroad will not help the development of the cryptocurrency industry, but will effectively eliminate the demand for Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins. He pointed out that CBDCs may be a “worthy alternative” to encryption.


2. Reuters: Encrypted hedge funds gain huge gains in the lending frenzy

According to a Reuters article, cryptocurrency hedge funds have achieved substantial gains this year, benefiting from a surge in transactions, allowing lenders and borrowers to trade without banks, and the steady rise in the price of Bitcoin. Vision Hill Group’s Crypto Hedge Fund Index has a return rate of 126% in 2020. The emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) is the core of the strong performance of crypto funds this year.

3. Grayscale BTC trust holdings increased by 5191 BTC

The AICoin index quotation shows that on October 29, Eastern Time, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’s holdings increased by 5191 BTC, and the total holdings reached 479,052 BTC.

4. Foreign media: Ethereum Berlin hard fork may be carried out in January next year

According to CoinDesk’s news on October 31, according to the Ethereum core developer conference call held on Friday, the Ethereum “Berlin” hard fork will take up to several months. Following the planned launch of the Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain in December, a soft target for January is currently being set. It is reported that “Berlin” is a hard fork of the current ETH 1.x Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain.

5. Venezuela expands the business scope of its crypto remittance platform Patria through Bitcoin and Litecoin

According to Cryptonews on October 31, the Venezuelan government will completely reform its encrypted remittance platform Patria, allowing it to be fully compatible with Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets. According to reports, the platform allows individuals overseas to send money to family and friends in Venezuela, as well as domestic remittances using encrypted methods. According to its operator, Patria has about 20 million users.