just added a new feature for Bitcoin


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  • trading platform just added a recurring buy feature for Bitcoin.
  • The move came only a day after BTC reached and exceeded $11,000.
  • The platform also plans to expand the feature to include other coins in weeks to come.

Bitcoin recently surpassed the $11k mark for the first time since August 2019. With this move, the world’s first cryptocurrency finally managed to leave behind the $10k resistance that has been posing as a major roadblock for nearly a year.

Just as this happened, the Hong Kong-based crypto payment platform,, announced a new Bitcoin-related feature.

Recurring buy for BTC comes to

According to’s announcement published earlier today, the new feature, recurring buy, will be available in its account app. With it, users will be able to buy BTC automatically.

More than that, they will be able to set up conditions of the purchase, including whether they should take place once per week, twice per week, or once per month.

Purchases will also have a low bottom limit of only $50, and this will make them available for everyone. Not only that, but the company also revealed that the feature will also include other coins, as well. However, support for other cryptos will come later on, likely in several weeks.

Bitcoin passing $11k mark might be the start of a bull run

As mentioned, Bitcoin’s price has finally moved, and contrary to recent predictions, it moved up. For the moment, the coin sits just below $11,180, and while its price is still fluctuating slightly, this has been the level that it managed to maintain for several days, now.

Many experts see this as very positive behavior, with some even calling it the first step towards a long-awaited bull run. As many likely remember, BTC saw block rewards halving nearly three months ago, and historically, such events are always followed by strong price surges.

With the last one taking BTC up to $20,000, many expect the third one to take it much higher than that, possible to $50k, or even higher. Some speculate that $75k is possible, and even that $100k is not out of reach.

With that in mind, it would not be surprising to see Bitcoin bulls get involved and start buying BTC to accumulate wealth before the prices skyrocket once more. Of course, others believe that there is no correlation between halving and price surges. Even this step up above $11k is not a proper argument, as the coin reached this level many times before, only to be rejected.