Crypto Hedge Funds 101 with Matt Stover, CEO of MGStover


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Matt Stover is the CEO and founder of MGStover, a financial service company with over 130 crypto dedicated funds as clients. Matt began his professional career with a background in taxes and went on to develop a passion for finance and crypto. This passion buoys a firm that today services billions of dollars worth of combined client crypto investments. As crypto tracking and accounting have become increasingly difficult, MGStover has set out to make it simple and has even had regulators come to them for assistance in regulating crypto.

Scott Melker and Matt Stover further discuss, the major pitfalls of crypto hedge funds, how nobody is keeping up with the pace of crypto, the natural progression of a successful trader, every trader’s dream to open a hedge fund, poker players backed by hedge funds, trading your money vs. your client’s money, offshore vehicle investments, giving the government their piece of the pie, the similarities of crypto and marijuana, the disappearance of the physical dollar, a digital world and more.