Crypto industry warns that fake cryptocurrency and digital comfort fraud surge


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Park Yohan] Chinese media reports that as the price of bitcoin (BTC) rises and China’s central bank is approaching the introduction of digital currency (CBDC), intrigues related to fake cryptocurrencies, blockchain and digital yuan in China are rapidly increasing. watching. Cryptonews reported this.

According to JRJ and the National Business Daily, investors who entered without suspicion realized that scammers were stealing their money only after investing up to $60,000 at a time on a scam project.

Media outlets say they have found evidence that unscrupulous groups of individuals are targeting people across the country. He also mentioned that the fraudulent action seems to be a legitimate offer, but if you look closely, the condition is better for it to be true.

Cryptonews reported that it confirmed evidence of groups pretending to be cryptocurrency transactions on social media platforms Weibo and WeChat. For example, the Blockchain Dragon Knight Group claims to provide professional cryptocurrency and fiat-related services, claiming that investors have earned up to 600% of their initial investment. However, it was emphasized that it was completely ridiculous in various Chinese media.

Another criminal is the operator of a fake tether (USDT) related app. Daxinggan reported last week that a woman with the surname Lee downloaded an app and sent more than $60,000 to buy what she believed was a tethered contract, but she had no way to recover her funds later. He said he got to know.

Other scammers’ tactics are reportedly alleged to be alliances with real trading companies such as the Early Adopter Digital Yuan Fund and Binance, which appeared earlier this year.

Originally, the China-based trading platform currently operates only blockchain-related activities in its own country.

Fraud prevention officers in Wuhan also received complaints from WeChat users about stock trading chat rooms, which said that WeChat users were offered suspicious digital currency investment opportunities from other members.

In China, despite the cryptocurrency crackdown in September 2017, interest in BTC and major altcoins remains high. Many experts in Asia continue to trade cryptocurrency, such as using stablecoins such as Tether as the gateway token for BTC trading.

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