“Cryptocurrency Lion”… Upbit stops deposit and withdrawal of KRW in the morning due to traffic surge


Upbit headquarters in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

As users flocked to the cryptocurrency investment fever from Tesla, upbit, a domestic cryptocurrency trading site, temporarily stopped the deposit and withdrawal service in the morning.

On the 18th, Upbit announced in an announcement at 10:6 am, “Due to a temporary problem with the deposit and withdrawal server due to a surge in traffic, the deposit and withdrawal service in won was stopped.” Upbit found a server error and immediately started checking.

Upbit completed the primary inspection and resumed the withdrawal service in won at 10:53 pm. During the maintenance period, users’ withdrawals will be reflected sequentially. The company plans to normalize the KRW deposit service as soon as possible.

Some analysts say whether there is an error due to the congestion of investors buying PayCoin, which has soared more than 2000% in two days. An official of Upbit explained, “An error is caused by a surge in traffic,” and “The check of the KRW deposit and withdrawal server has been partially completed so that the KRW withdrawal service can be used normally.”

Meanwhile, Paycoin, a cryptocurrency issued by Danal Fintech, a Danal affiliate of a comprehensive payment service (PG) company, announced on the 17th that it will be the first in Korea to commercialize a service that allows payment with bitcoins through its application (app)’Paycoin’.

Paycoin, which was traded at 198 won (closed price) on the 16th, is trading at 3010 won, an increase of 1420% as of 11:10 am on the 16th.