Cryptocurrency traders forecast “bitcoin price sideways” for the time being


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Jang Seo-yeon] While bitcoin, which was continuing a downward trend, rebounded from the current weekly low, Twitter cryptocurrency trader CryptoWendyO said, “The trajectory of bitcoin is still uncertain,” Cointelegraph said. Reported.

He said in an interview with Cointelegraph on the 5th (local time), “It doesn’t look very good on a daily basis because it is having a hard time maintaining 50,000 dollars.”

“If you don’t get to the point, you can go back to the $50,000 to $45,000 range, so be careful. If it falls to this range, it is likely to recover after quickly entering the $42,000-38,000 range. The annulment will remain at $52,000.”

Bitcoin (BTC), which reached a record high of about $58,360 in February, has since fallen to about $43,015 based on TradingView’s data. Since then, assets rebounded to $52,660 and continued to decline to less than $50,000. Bitcoin is trading for about $49,000 as of local media coverage.

Twitter trader Chez, who holds CMT Level I certification, posted a chart of the expected range on Twitter, saying, “We are looking forward to further integration of BTC above the core 42,000 level.”

“The biggest question is whether the recent 27% of corrective actions are enough to rise to a new high level,” he said. In the meantime, you’ll see the lows and ranges a little higher every day.”

Recently, technology stocks have also declined in price.

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