DeFi Art Weekly: A record amount of a single NFT mortgage loan


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Original Title: DeFi Arts Intelligencer – Nov. 7th, 2020


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Welcome to the 42nd issue of DeFi Arts Intelligencer. This is your important source of information about blockchain art, collectibles and games every week. If you want to subscribe to my column, please

DeFi艺术周报:单笔NFT抵押贷金额创纪录 DeFi Art Weekly has its first sponsor! This is your boy. Digital is a very talented creator who tokenizes his art and music. He is an early legend in the cultural scene of Ethereum, so be sure to check his website and sign up for his newsletter, where he introduced his latest journey as a digital artist using Ethereum. Register here——.

The following are the details of this issue:

🎨 Digital art and collectibles

  • As one of the early advocates of Async Art, I am honored to be able to start with a talented and visionary artist. This week, I wrote a profile about Ionson called “Twisted Genius” () to celebrate His new masterpiece “The Gate” on Async Art (). Keep an open mind so that we can have a deeper discussion. I will post information about richly-layered artwork soon…


  • Remember the new work “” by artist Micah Johnson I mentioned earlier? Collector Metapurse.eth!
  • Now that the new president has spent Biden, the “” part of Beeple (as published on last week) has officially entered the “Biden win” state…

DeFi艺术周报:单笔NFT抵押贷金额创纪录 Nigerian artist Osinachi initiated a new personal token around him.

  • Illustrator Jose Delbo will be held at Nifty Gateway tonight (November 8), and you can watch the live broadcast at Decentraland’s first NFT auction!
  • Artist FEWOCiOUS sold “Moment i Fell in Love” to collector Eric Young for US$25,000 on Nifty Gateway…


  • NFT mortgage lending platform NFTfi just presented the largest loan to date in a 33 ETH Decentraland real estate transaction…


🕹️ Blockchain game

  • Metalympics is live! If you missed the launch event on November 5th, make sure to catch up with the celebration next week…



  • The Ethereum “lossless lottery” lottery game community PoolTogether is currently voting on whether to increase the number of weekly winners.
  • Axie Infinity’s new AXS governance token is currently on and online.
  • The latest installment of the Lunacian Axie Infinity Championship series starts today (November 8th). Players will compete for the AXS and DAI awards…


♦️♦️ DeFi News

  • PieDAO released its, the index is composed of the organization’s “large-cap” DEFI+L index and “small-cap” DEFI+S index in a ratio of 70/30.
  • The DeFi loan agreement Aave now has its own limited edition land project for sale, which can be snapped up in the Axie Infinity universe…


  • NFT trading platform NIFTEX raised funds in the first round of financing.

📰Fresh content

  • 📰 “” – me in Bankless
  • 📰 “” – me for nft42
  • 📰 “” – me in defiprime

Thank you for reading, please stay creative (on-chain/off-chain)!

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